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X8 PRO Conversion Kit Upgrade Kits

The X8 Pro has excellent heat dissipation properties and brightness. This allows maximum illumination while prolonging the life of the LEDs and reducing the loss of the light, (dimming), over its lifetime.

The external micro drivers create a much more stable current for better compatibility with the vehicles electrical system.

The advanced conduction and heat-sink also adds to the life and quality of the product but does not heat up the base significantly enough to burn rubber or plastic housings as some led headlight bulbs do.

The X8 Pro are compact enough to fit any headlight housing as they are only 34mm (H4 H/L) from the mounting seat to the bottom of the light, matching perfectly with original H4 H/L halogen bulbs.

The X8’s have a 360° rotatable base so you can perfectly adjust the beam pattern to suit any headlight reflectors.

**Please Note** Can-Bus decoders are only required if you have an “auto light on” system, such as BMW and Mercedes.


  • Fanless and Non-Polarity Sensitive, (for positive and negatively switched vehicles)
  • Advanced Fanless Heat Dissipation and Aviation Grade 6063 Aluminum
  • 360° Fully Adjustable Beam Rotation Technology
  • Double Sided LED’s for better optics
  • Easy Fit ‘Plug and Play’ OEM Headlight Connector
  • Super Bright – Up to 12,000 Lumen, (H+L)
  • 9-32v Wide voltage, 12v/24v Compatible for Cars, Trucks, and Motorcycles
  • IP67 Water and Dust Tight
  • Colour Options: Pure White + 2x Included “DIY” Gold and Blue Colour Films

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