F1 Phantom LED Light Bars

The F1 Phantom Quad Row LED Light Bars are technically the most powerful light bar on the market today. Don’t let this frighten you in terms of ‘Current Draw’, or if you wonder whether you have enough power available to run them on a standard wiring harness.

The Quad Row design is packed with 3W CREE LED’s, this is why they have such a high technical wattage rating, but the actual power draw is set up so that the current is low. This allows the LEDs to be run on a standard relay harness, and also so that the LEDs last a long period of time without degrading or growing dim after a short period of time.

The optics on the Quad Row F1 Phantom are set up to be used as a light bar that will give you the most ‘Area of Light’ in Distance, Width, and Depth (the depth of light is the light immediately in front of the car and out into the distance).

If you want a powerful light bar to give you more distance, we would recommend either the Triple Row Extreme Series, The Single Row Pro Series, the 6D Single Row, or the Dual Row Curved Light Bar.

The Triple Row Extreme Series, for example, has ‘deeper dish’ reflectors in the centre rows which will give you a tighter beam and more distance then the Quad in a comparable size, such as 32in, 42in or 52in. For Bull Bars, where you can only fit 16in to 27in, we would recommend the Triple Row, as you will get that extra punch up the centre. For Roof Mounts in around 32in, 42in, 52in, where you have the room, either the Triple or the Quad are excellent for distance + width + depth, (The Quad will give you more area of light than the Triple, the Triple will give you more distance than the quad). Both the Triple and the Quad are used as an all-round light bar. The Quad 22in, 32in, 42in and 52in are all ‘Side Mounted’ systems, the Triple Row Extreme Series in the 16in, 19in, 22in, 27in are all ‘Base Mounted’ systems on a slide rail, so are best used on the front of Bull Bars in these sizes where you want to use the bull bars pre-existing drill holes, or where you are limited for space.

You can also get the Triple Row Extreme upon request, in a Straight 30in, 40in, and 50in, with side mounts, if you prefer them over the Quads for roof-mounted light bars, The Triple Row Extreme Series are also available in a Curved configuration with side mounts in the 20in, 30in, 40in, and 50in, and the Triple Row Extreme Series are also available upon request in the longer bar lights with base mounts on a slide rail in a 35in and 44in.

Delivery for light bars that are not listed or stocked generally takes 5-10 working days to get them in and deliver to you.

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