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Black Diamond 9in LED Driving Lights

Hybrid lenses are perfectly suited for the Black Diamond 9in Driving Lights. Correctly projecting the powerful Cree XM-L2 10W LED’s to give you maximum distance + width.
If you are serious about getting the brightest, most efficient driving lights available today, then try the Black Diamond Series 9in 370w lights, we guarantee you will be impressed.

Each light puts out an astonishing 33,300 Lumen per light, (that’s 66,000 lumen for both lights), but they only draw around 25A each.

What makes them so special is that the beam pattern is even and not scattered as some driving lights we have tested are, the optical engineering is perfect. Taken to Another Level of Excellence!

Easily the best value for money you can get, not cheap copies, the real deal. High performance, IP68 rated for complete weather protection, heavy duty stainless steel brackets, high vibratory resistance, you could literally run over these with a truck and they would keep going, we could easily sell these for $1,000/set. At $549/set, including gst and delivery, a relay harness and switch, free clear covers, and free flood covers, they are a bargain!

Professional drivers have been putting these through their paces for the last couple of years, and these latest upgraded versions have amazing performance. Call us for free advice.

Main Features

You can go over the specifications tab for more information, but to give you a quick breakdown of the features, see the information below.

  • Genuine USA Made High-Intensity 10W CREE XM-L2 LED’s
  • 33,300lm Lumen Per Light, (66,000lm for a Pair)
  • 1Lux@1,200m
  • Virtually Unbreakable Polycarbonate Lens
  • Multi-Volt for 12v or 24v applications
  • Compact Design: H240x W220x D95mm
  • Heavy-duty but lightweight aluminum housing
  • Heavy duty stainless-steel brackets and bolts
  • Vibration-Resistant Rubber Corrugation Dampening Mat
  • Free Relay Harness & Switch
  • Free High Beam Adapters if needed
  • Free Air Express Freight
  • 5yr Warranty

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