Blast Maker Automated Design of Mass Blasts in Open-Pits

Blast Maker, in conjunction with the Institute of Communications and Information Technologies of Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University, offers a system of computer-aided design of mass blasts in open pits.

Blast Maker is a for-profit organization carrying out the production and commissioning of the Blast Maker program-technical complex (PTC).

Drilling and blasting design software

Blast Maker PTC is a comprehensive solution for creating optimal designs for drilling and blasting in rocks of various strengths in open pits while keeping the main and auxiliary equipment in operation. Blast Maker PTC consists of information-analytical software and technical facilities for the collection of data about massif properties determined during the drilling of blastholes. It includes:

  • KOBUS drilling rig controller
  • Software package for processing information about the state of rock massif being destroyed, obtained from drilling rig controllers during the drilling of blastholes
  • Blast Maker software for computer-aided design of mass blasts in open pits
  • Stress system for the evaluation of deflected mode of slopes

Drilling rig control hardware

The KOBUS controller is the hardware component of Blast Maker PTC. It is intended to acquire, pre-process, indicate and transmit data to a control station from regular or additionally installed monitoring transducers.

The drilling rig operator takes the depth and coordinates of drillholes from the drilling pattern and drills the block with high accuracy using GPS. The program performs the filtering and processing of the received data, estimates the momentary energy and intensity of drilling in each blasthole, and graphically represents incoming information enabling the user to accumulate and analyze parameters including drilling techniques. The controller is installed in the booth of the drilling rig.

Computer-aided drilling and blasting

Complete information about past designed and performed blasts and the drilling parameters and techniques of all drilled holes allows the user to perform an adaptive control of the processes of rock destruction within the limits of blocks, to change the amount and structure of the explosive charge. This results in a reduction of drilling-and-blasting costs by 10%-15%, as well as an enhancement of rock crushing, and a reduction of the output of oversizes. This enables the high quality development of the working face bottom and leads to an increase in productivity of loading and transportation works.

To achieve maximum efficiency, the Blast Maker system allows the simulation of results with a 3-D representation of explosion patterns. On the basis of these results, coordinates of drillholes, the properties of rocks being destroyed, and the amount and structure of the explosive charge in drillholes may be specified. Such a multi-stage design allows the user to determine the optimal parameters of the whole complex of drilling-and-blasting with maximum efficiency, considering the stability of pit walls.

Stress system for the evaluation of the deflected mode of slopes

The stress package is intended to evaluate the stability of slopes, benches, pit walls, dumps and other mine technical structures.

The stability forecasting of mine openings is carried out on the basis of the numerical simulation of the deflected mode of rock massif and the continuous monitoring of deformations. The kit of geomechanical models sufficiently represents a variety of mechanisms of rock destruction under the seismic effect of mass blasts.

Control functions of the stress package enables customers to choose the optimal power of mass blasts in faces to keep the stability of pit walls while providing the high quality blasts recommended by Blast Maker CAD.

Advantages of Blast Maker

Blast Maker allows customers to perform mass blasts in open pits with high quality hard rock crushing and minimal costs, and to increase the operability of equipment management and the processes of destruction, excavation, loading and transportation of hard rocks in open pits.

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Computer-Aided Mining Development at Open Pits

The Blast Maker CAD of drilling-and-blasting is the most comprehensive solution of the task of the optimal design of drilling-and-blasting in mining company's open pits without changing the adopted technology of performing drilling-and-blasting.

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