SKF has announced the introduction of the Lincoln electrically driven lubricator (EDL1).

Utilising progressive metering devices, the EDL1 has been developed for usage in sectional lubrication systems, as well as in large machines with different lubrication requirements at varying distances.

This easy to use dosage and pressure-booster pump is designed to increase input pressure of at least 2bar (29psi) up to a maximum of 280bar (4,061psi). As an affordable lubrication solution, the EDL1 can be used with existing tubing, fitting material and filling pumps.

The EDL1 operates effectively in challenging environments, including outdoor applications with fluctuating temperatures. Because lubricant is supplied by means of filling pumps or cartridges, the device provides flexibility and self-sufficient function, even in remote locations. The EDL1 features an integrated control board for both impulse and time controlled lubrication and is able to notify lubrication failures.

The EDL1 is suitable for food and beverage and railroad applications, as well as cement and other heavy industries. It also can be utilised in many industrial applications that require an affordable sectional lubrication system.