TYAZHMASH Celebrates its 70th Anniversary in 2011

70 years are the source of pride and the result of the cooperative conscientious work of a great number of people.

Notwithstanding the fact that TYAZHMASH had been developed within the hard time of war, the enterprise operated in full force overfulfilling the plans. As a result of workers superhuman efforts, the plant was growing and developing, becoming a strong township-forming enterprise.

Over its history the enterprise life has corresponded constantly to the main ways of the country industrial development. In the war time the plant had produced the goods for defense industry. In the post-war period within the time of great communism constructions, the enterprise organized hydro turbine output from scratch. From the age of cosmic exploration, TYAZHMASH received the most important country’s orders for production of the units for missile launching complexes.

Chemical industry rapid development in the 60’s caused changing of the production capacity part for this industry orders. For nuclear power industry that gathered temps in the 80’s the plant started to receive orders of the highest complexity: lock-chambers, hydraulic shock absorbers, vibration dampers. The company group that mastered this product output, proved once again to be able to overcome any problems of the state level. The beginning of the new millennium was marked for TYAZHMASH GC by significant expansion of manufactured product range.

Therefore TYAZHMASH has always followed the industrial trends and produced the equipment necessary for the state by that creating its own history and the history of our own town and the country in whole.

Today the enterprise is set to continue last year’s trend of expanding and developing new business operations. In high tech century, software development and implementation acquires the most importance. The company places stake on delivery map extension, new search for relationships and their strengthening with former partners.

The group of companies’ geography broadens as well, the number of its subsidiary enterprises, branches and representative offices increases. All that enables our enterprise to be named one of the leaders of the world heavy machine building.

70 years is a long term. Many changes have taken place during this period however the high quality of our products remains unchanged; it is achieved by professionalism and well-coordinated team work. 70 years is just the beginning.

New attractive projects, innovative discoveries and developments are on the way to TYAZHMASH what will allow the Company to maintain the high hurdle further on that was set seven decades ago.

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