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Applied Measurement Australia

Testing and Measurement Solutions for Mining Applications

Unit 5/27 Thornton Crescent,
VIC 3132 Australia

Applied Measurement Australia (AMA) develops and supplies innovative and effective measurement solutions for the mining, transport and industrial sectors.

AMA’s portfolio includes a range of international brands and products manufactured in-house, which are complemented by sales, testing, design, maintenance and calibration services.

We offer calibration facilities certified by Australia’s National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA).

Parameter measurement services for the mining sector

AMA provides innovative and effective solutions for applications that involve measurement of physical parameters.

We calibrate, design, distribute, manufacture and maintain individual sensors and complete systems, as well as offer a NATA-accredited laboratory for tension and compression forces up to 22kN.

A combination of more than 30 years of load cell manufacturing knowledge and innovative data acquisition technologies and sensors allows us to simplify testing processes.

Dynamic monitoring stations for geotechnical structures

Developed by Imetrum, the dynamic monitoring station (DMS) observes the dynamic movement of civil and geotechnical structures.

The DMS is a multi-point system that can take measurements similar to those generated by a strain gauge, linear variable differential transformer (LVDT), tilt meter or robotic / automated total station. The easily scalable system has been used for testing individual structures from less than 1m to lengths exceeding 1km.

The DMS measures the position, strain and rotation of a structure. It eliminates project delays related to access such as arranging possessions or traffic management, as well as delivers safer working practices while eliminating the need to work at height or over water.

The DMS can also be supplied with calibration certificates from an independent test house if necessary.

Optoelectronic instruments

RIFTEK develops and manufactures optoelectronic instruments for measuring geometrical quantities for industrial automation and research applications.

We offer comprehensive solutions to control and automate factory problems, which range from individual transducers and sensing technologies to multifunctional control and measurement solutions.

Product offerings include rail dedicated design instruments such as wheel profilers, rail head measurement, back to back gauges and rolling stock wheel diameter gauges all feeding back to a seamless PDA to log and report all parameters.

Used in industrial and research applications worldwide, our sensors and instruments include 2D laser scanners, triangulation sensors and systems, automated systems for wheel sets control, measuring gauges and machinery for rail vehicles, and real-time rail wheel geometry measurement solutions.

Customisable wireless acquisition systems

The wireless Mantracourt potentiometer acquisition module enables the collection and processing of potentiometer-based sensors.

Also known as the T24-RA, the module aims to collect and process associated measurements, as well as calculate and transmit sensor resistance to a remote receiver.

The T24-RA can transmit to a wide array of receivers, which includes digital displays, handheld indicators, analogue and serial outputs, PC display and wireless printers, along with different powering alternatives.

With over 40 years of experience in the industry, AMA can offer customisable wireless acquisition systems for applications such as the elimination of live work kits right through to permanent installation machine monitoring.

Applied Measurement Australia

Unit 5/27 Thornton Crescent


VIC 3132