Becker Mining Systems Automation Systems, Radio Communication Systems, Compact Switchgear and Material Haulage Systems

Becker Mining Systems is a worldwide supplier of automation infrastructure, compact switchgear, and man and material haulage systems for the underground mining industry.

Becker also specialises in radio communications for hard-rock mines as well as the underground coal industry.

Mining automation system

In the area of automation, Becker Mining Systems offers the flexible Mincos system, which guarantees comprehensive control and monitoring of all work processes at every level of a modern mine, thus ensuring great efficiency with increased safety.

IPC control units

The Mining Master is a flameproof, intrinsically safe (IS) automation device that has been developed for underground hard coal mining. The core of the control unit is based on industrial computer technology. The Windows NT Embedded® operating system permits the use of common standard software. Intrinsically safe bus lines can be linked to the Mining Master with numerous possibilities for periphery connection to mining machines, which facilitates the automation of every operation.

The Mincos MMC, the little brother of the Mining Master, is a flameproof, IS automation device designed for applications with fewer input / output requirements.

Open automation system for underground mines

PROMOS is an open automation system developed for raw ambient conditions. Its modular structure means it can be modified for any task, from individual, small controls to comprehensive process control, by building control networks.

The installation of the field elements is particularly cost saving. It can be commissioned and adapted using plug-and-play technology within a very short period of time and not necessarily by electricians.

Radio communications within mines

Becker Mining Systems’ smartcom system enables the transmission of radio waves within the entire mine, using a transmission cable known as a leaky feeder cable. This radio technology is not only used for voice transmission; it is also the ideal transmission medium to transmit widespread data and video signals.

The layout of a mine generally follows the deposit, often resulting in curves, branches and other spatial limitations. Similar influences can be expected in tunnelling, and the transmission of radio waves is thus massively impaired. The BeckerCom leaky feeder minimises this impairment.

The leaky feeder system can be expanded by commercial intercoms of well-known manufacturers such as Motorola and Kenwood. Further systems and system components can be easily integrated into the radio system; for example, PLC control systems and Becker’s own tagging and tracking system.

IS communication system – two-way radio for underground coal mines

The Ex ia-approved radio provides two-way voice communications capability for underground coal mines. The portable radio is easy to operate, fully functioned and highly reliable. The design is compact and user-friendly, making it easy to carry and use.

Compact and modular switchgear for mines

Our endis compact switchgear has no terminal compartments. Plug-in modules replace switches, contactors and discrete monitoring technology, there are no conventional disconnecting switches, and every plug-in unit is part of the disconnecting device.

Our modular switchgear for mines differs considerably from the norm. There is no connection between the plug-in module and the switchgear for power and control lines, which have to be connected manually.

The plug-in module needs only be pushed into the switchgear and switched on using the disconnecting device. In the process, all connections are established automatically. Nothing else is necessary.

Combined transformer and switchgear unit

Taking a step further, we have combined the transformer and switchgear into a single unit, the TransSwitch. It consists of a flameproof enclosure for the transformer and switchgear and is hardly larger than a transformer alone, while still being a complete power station with insulation monitoring and lighting and contactor outputs.

Trap rail systems

One of Becker’s top products is the floor-mounted, rope-driven trap rail system, which is ideal whenever men and material have to be conveyed rapidly and safely on inclined roads. Thanks to its proven design, it does not go off the rails even when faced with gradients of 45°, single loads of 35t and travelling speeds up to 4m/s.
The rail system itself provides positive guidance of the vehicles and thus prevents a derailment of the cars.

The system is also available as a rack-and-pinion version for even more flexibility.

Mine monorail systems

Available either with friction drive or rack-and-pinion drive, our mine monorail systems are powered either electro-hydraulically or diesel-hydraulically. Traction forces up to 120kN and travelling speeds up to 2m/s allow a flexible and efficient haulage of standard material and personnel in branched rail systems and roadways with up to 30° inclination.

Raise-climber system

The Becker rack-and-pinion raise climber is the mobile fulcrum of underground transport logistics. As a unique haulage method for steep inclines up to 45°, raises, and roadheader operations, the pneumatic rack-and-pinion raise-climber with a pulling force up to 33kN has proven its outstanding performance. It is particularly well-suited to applications in non-gassy mines, such as gold and ore mines, or in tunnelling sites.

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