Consolidated Chemical Company is a leading supplier of industrial and hazardous chemical products for various applications across Australia and New Zealand.

Our extensive portfolio of chemicals is suitable for the mining, agriculture, petrochemical, food processing, healthcare and water treatment industries.

They can also be used to treat a wide range of materials such as plastics, rubber, timber, glass, metals and paper.


Industrial chemicals for the mining sector

Consolidated Chemical Company provides an array of chemicals for the mining industry.

We offer a full range of gums, in addition to sodium sulphide for the hydrometallurgy of iron ores, xanthates for sulphide floatation applications, acetic acid for industrial explosives, and an extensive range of sodium or aluminium-based compounds.

Our product range also includes a variety of hazardous chemicals such as nitric, oxalic, hydrochloric and sulphuric acids.

Hazardous chemical distribution and trading services

Consolidated Chemical Company specialises in the distribution, importation and storage of hazardous products such as organic peroxides, hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid.

We fully comprehend the health and safety specifications of hazardous materials and offer support in the event of an accidental spillage or leakage, whether it is on the road or on your site. We also offer warehouses to store products in accordance with various hazardous classes.

International quality assurance

Consolidated Chemical Company is committed to quality and certified to ISO 9001: 2015. We aim to consistently improve and provide the highest level of excellence and service to our customers, as well as adhere to your agreed requirements.

Our fleet of company-owned trucks ensure timely delivery and our extensive portfolio enables us to stock a wide a range of products. The majority of our chemicals is available ex-stock, but we can source both locally and internationally exclusive items.

For international products, we have an experienced international trading department that is up-to-date with global trends and understands the special requirements of intercontinental trade.

About Consolidated Chemical Company

Established in June 1972, Consolidated Chemical Company was initially based in Caulfield, Victoria, Australia. From the beginning, our main objective has been to determine how best to serve the changing interests of industrial chemical users.

We consistently adapt our policies to ensure optimal customer satisfaction and continue to grow organically to the point that our business is now based in state-of-the-art warehousing and distribution facilities at Dandenong South, Victoria, and Arndell Park, New South Wales.

We also have offices and stores located in Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and New Zealand, as well as offer an in-house full time technical advisory service.