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Clariant Mining Solutions is a leading global provider of chemicals and integrated services to the mining, explosives and fertilizer industries. Our products and services are engineered to increase your yield, provide reliable explosive emulsions at the blasting site, improve the flotation of a wide range of ores, control dust at mine sites, and improve the stability and quality of fertilizers.

We have built a reputation for providing added value to your operations and products, and for providing a rapid global response to your requirements.

Technical centers and regional offices strategically located in Europe, CIS, Southern Africa, North America, Latin America, China and Australia are at the core of our ability to provide ground-breaking innovative solutions using superior speciality chemicals.

Mineral processing design, application and management

Clariant Mining Solutions adds value through the application of collectors, frothers, wetting agents, depressants, activators and modifiers, dispersants, filter aids, scale inhibitors and corrosion inhibitors. With Clariant Mining Solutions, the best minerals rise to the top.

Collectors for iron-ore reverse flotation

Clariant Mining Solutions’ range of Flotigam® collectors can aid in the reverse flotation of all types of iron ore, including haematite, magnetite and itaberite.

Frothers for industrial mineral recovery

Flotinor® collectors and Flotanol® frothers are used for the recovery of a range of industrial minerals, including:

  • Alkali salts – potash, sylvinite, schoenite and kieserite
  • Silica bearing minerals – feldspar, talc, kaolin and quartz
  • Earth alkali bearing minerals – fluorspar, barite and scheelite
  • Reverse or direct flotation of calcite
  • Reverse or direct flotation of phosphates (phosphorite or apatite)
  • Oxide minerals – pyrochlore (niobium), rutile and cassiterite

Collectors and frothers for sulfidic ores

Clariant Mining Services’ Hostaflot® collectors and Flotanol frothers for sulfidic ores are formulated for optimum selectivity and are effective with ores containing:

  • Base metals – copper, copper-molybdenum, zinc, lead, nickel, cobalt and polymetals
  • Platinum group minerals
  • Precious metals – gold and silver

Frothers for coal and graphite

Clariant Mining Solutions offers Montanol® frothers for fine to course-grain coal and graphite.

Mining dust-control services

Dust from mining operations can present a number of challenges, the most obvious being environmental pollution of your mine site and nearby communities. There is also the potential of damage to equipment, safety risks due to poor visibility, increased maintenance of unpaved roads and the combustion risk from coal dust.

Polymer emulsions or surfactants for mining dust control

Arkomon® polymer emulsions or surfactants are selected for maximum dust control effect and minimum environmental impact. Application of the dust control solution is carefully controlled to minimize the use of both chemical and water. Performance is managed to ensure compliance with local clean air requirements and legislation.

Explosive emulsifiers

Clariant Mining Solutions has many years of experience in modern emulsifier technology and has established itself as a leading partner of the blasting industry.

Our emulsifier technology applies to both packaged and bulk ammonium nitrate (AN) based explosive emulsions. The products improve your confidence in the blast success by providing reliable emulsions with long-term stability against thermal and mechanical stress and constant cap sensitivity.

Fertilizer additives

Clariant Mining Solutions adds value to products through the design and application of anti-caking / anti-dust agents, granulation aids, colorants, corrosion inhibitors, wetting agents and defoamers.

Our Fertala® fertilizer additives significantly improve the stability and quality of your end products during production, handling, storage and transportation in all application media, whether liquids, prills or granules.

Mining health, safety and the environment

Clariant Mining Solutions is committed to operating safely – and respecting the environment in the delivery of its full range of products and services.

Clariant Mining: Capabilities

Clariant Mining (founded in 1980) is a business unit of Clariant AG, a direct descendent of the multinational chemical companies,Sandoz and Hoechst.

Clariant Mining: Fertilizer Additives

Clariant Mining offers fertilizer customers high performance, tailor-made products that increase the value of the final product and improve internal handling.

Clariant Mining: Iron Ore

For over half a century, Clariant has been the market leader in developing and supplying specialized reagents that enhance the value of iron ore.

Clariant: Emulsifiers for Explosives

Clariant Mining offers customers high-performance, tailor-made products that include synergistic blends and ready-to-use fuel phase solutions.

Ochoa Sulphate of Potash (SOP) Mine, New Mexico

The Ochoa Sulphate of Potash (SOP) project is a new underground mine being developed in Lea County, New Mexico, US. IC Potash (ICP) fully owns and is developing the project at an estimated capital cost of $1.018bn.

Deutsche Steinkohle (DSK) Coal Mine

Hard coal mining in Germany, centred on the Ruhr, Saar and Ibbenbüren coalfields, was amalgamated into Deutsche Steinkohle AG (DSK) at the beginning of 1999.

Clariant Mining Prepares to Open Robust New

Clariant Mining announced today that it will upgrade to significantly larger laboratory facilities filled with state-of-the-art equipment when Clariant Oil & Mining Services moves into its new global headquarters, scheduled for completion in The Woodlands, Texas, in the third quarter of 2013.

Clariant Mining Solutions

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