Blue Iron Cove has released a new innovative gel concrete stripper called Kookaburra Gel, which utilises patented acid replacement technology.

Kookaburra Gel was developed using a low pH stable gelling process which also enhances the power of the base chemistry and allows the product to stay on vertical surfaces to reduce wastage and stays wet for long periods of time, even overnight.

Kookaburra Gel is a unique and powerful, non-toxic acid replacement technology developed for stripping of concrete in applications such as shotcrete, mining, ready-mix industries.  Ideal for Agi-trucks and Ready-mix Concrete trucks and cleaning of associated equipment and concrete pumps.

Replaces hydrochloric acid, urea hydrochloride, glycolic acid and other acids used for stripping and etching concrete. It is non-DG for safe storage, transportation and use, even in underground mine locations where chemicals are approved for use.

For end-users, this means that:

  • It can be safely sprayed
  • Stays wet for up to one day
  • Clings to vertical surfaces
  • Non-corrosive and non-fuming
  • Safe to skin
  • Will not damage painted surfaces, electrical systems, glass, rubber, seals etc.
  • Similar descaling power to hydrochloric acid
  • Eliminates harmful acids from the workplace

Kookaburra Gel provides assistance for companies trying to comply with ISO 14000 and ISO 18000 management Systems for Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety.  It is available in 20l, 200l or bulk 1,000l IBCs depending on client requirements.

Safe to use from the mine site to city construction sites.

The image shows before (L) and after (R) photos of cleaning an Agi-truck.