Donhad Forged Fasteners and Grinding Media for Mining Applications

Donhad manufactures technically advanced quality grinding media and forged products for the global mining industry.

We manufacture and supply SAG and roll-forged ball grinding media, rod grinding materials, engineering forgings and a range of specialised forged critical fasteners, including bolts, pins, fasteners and accessories for use in the mining and engineering industries.

Donhad prides itself on being the technical leader for grinding media and fasteners in Australia and around the world. Our customers benefit from our continuous innovation & product development process, technical services and mill optimising capability to reduce cost and increase throughput.

Manufacturer of specialised grinding media and industrial fasteners for the mining sector

Donhad’s manufacturing facilities utilise a continuous bar forging system with induction heating.

This operation allows the manufacturing of balls ranging in size from 27mm to 105mm by roll forging and SAG balls in the size range of 125mm and 150mm by upset forging. We also offer grinding rods for the rod mill applications.

The steel chemistry and heat treatments used by Donhad are customised to ball & bar diameter, and there intended application to optimise mechanical integrity and wear-resistance. This produces a ball which resists spalling and breakage, whilst delivering superior wear performance.

Donhad is recognised internationally as on of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialised and critical fasteners. Specialised fasteners are manufactured in plain carbon alloy and stainless-steel for applications in mining, oil and gas, general and civil engineering industries. All head shapes, lengths and diameters are catered for and customised to our customers’ requirements.

Donhad’s machining, heat treatment, technical engineering & certification capabilities complement the forge operation to deliver technically advanced products of the highest quality and integrity.

Innovation co-collaboration with our customers

A key differentiator for Donhad in the global grinding media and forge products market is the innovation collaboration approach taken with customers and stakeholders across the global mining value chain:

  • Pushing the boundaries for grinding media and forged product manufacturing through sustaining innovation and LEAN initiatives, which generate cost and productivity benefits for both our customers and Donhad
  • Leading development in new systems using digital technology and ‘big data’ to optimise the comminution process. Once implemented, this technology would assist in increasing operational efficiency through the optimisation of energy, media consumption and mill throughput

In consultation with their clients, Donhad actively monitors and cross-correlates grinding media consumption with mill performance to reduce megawatt hours per tonne and maximise grinding efficiency.

In-house research and development for next-generation products

A consistent research and development programme ensures that our product design, material usage and production processes are at the cutting edge of the global industry.

Donhad has a NATA accredited laboratory in Perth, WA, and performs quality control (QC) testing, as well as customer-specific product certification and testing.

Collaboration with industry partners such as Coalition for Energy efficient Comminution (CEEC), Austmine & MetsIgnited, and our global customers means that Donhad advancements can be independently assessed and are market-focused.

Global technical customer support

Donhad offers a complimentary technical advisory service for our grinding media and forged solutions customers. Further technical support can be facilitated through Donhads industry partners & network.

With our comprehensive manufacturing and supply chain management capabilities, we service global customers across Australasia, the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia / Pacific.

Our team of experienced production metallurgists and process engineers are focused on solving customer problems while achieving the lowest possible cost solution on a ‘total cost of ownership’ basis.

Our trained personnel can assist in mineral processing / comminution plant optimisation by using a range of software tools that are complemented with many years of experience in milling operations worldwide.

Services provided by Donhad include site technical training, technical surveys, torque tensioning/reline supervision, in-house design and testing, root cause analysis (RCA) failure analysis, LEAN forward and mill process optimisation studies. These services compliment the range of grinding media and forges products manufactured and supplied by Donhad.

About Donhad

Donhad was founded in Bassendean, Western Australia in 1965 and operates three manufacturing plants located in Perth, Newcastle and Townsville to service customers across Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific markets.

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