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Thermoshield Selected by Melbourne City Council to Coat Art Play Building by Yarra River

Research commissioned by City of Melbourne and conducted by University of Melbourne used a number of products to investigate the benefits of cool roofs.

The original study found a weakness in cool roofs, which is increased heating energy load during winter. The study showed Thermoshield ‘has an additional benefit typically unseen in other studies with other products. This benefit is the ability of the product to improve the retention of heat within the building during colder weather. It is noted that the marketing for Thermoshield claims the heat retention benefit of their product and these results support these claims’.

Upon completion of the study, Thermoshield was the product chosen by Melbourne City Council to coat the historic Art Play building on the banks of the Yarra River. Art Play staff have said that they are able to use the building for longer periods of time in warmer months! Between 10-15% longer! (building without air conditioning)

​Melbourne University senior lecturer Dominique Hes says white roofs are a low-cost solution to making buildings more sustainable.

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