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Liquid Thermal Insulations for the Mining Industry

Factory 11,
42 Mills Road,
Dandenong, VIC 3175,

Thermoshield produces liquid thermal insulations and solutions for external applications in the mining industry.

The company’s products address all facets of solar radiation, including UV, ultraviolet and visible light.

Thermoshield is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 industry standards and all products undergo a full lifecycle analysis (LCA). The company has one of the lowest carbon footprints in the global coatings industry.

Thermal insulation solutions for the mining industry

Thermoshield repels solar radiation, helping to improve the ambient temperature in commercial buildings, homes, trucks, motorhomes and silos.

The insulation prevents thermal shock (expansion and contraction), which is the major contributor to roof degradation. It is also waterproof and inhibits rust, as well as reducing ongoing refrigeration costs.

Energy-efficient ceramic coatings for mining applications

Thermoshield’s solution reflects damaging ultraviolet light, repelling radiant heat that penetrates through the substrate and re-radiating heat off a substrate. This helps to reduce ongoing air-conditioning costs and overall energy consumption.

The ceramic insulation coating dries to yield a tough 350-400 micron membrane with an application rate of 1lt to 2m² coverage. Many paints yield 120-150 micron with a spread rate of 1lt to 8m². This is a key factor to consider when considering longevity, performance and overall value.

Thermoshield has undergone extensive testing, resulting in it receiving environmental product declaration ISO 14025. This certificate details product specifications including material resources, energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Heat-reducing thermal coating for corroded roofs

Thermoshield a high-quality ceramic white coating that can be used to resolve corrosion issues and prevent major heat transfer in any environment.

Our products offer a longer warranty and an alternative, cost-effective solution to replacement roofing.

The company restores roof integrity by stabilising and strengthening the asset prior to the installation of photovoltaic panels, as well as significantly improving performance in power output.

Cost-effective solutions in the mining sector

Considering it costs five times as much to cool as it does to heat, reducing the energy demand on cooling commercial premises cannot be overstated.

A case study by the National Carbon Bank demonstrated a 31% saving on capital expenditure when a cool roof was installed over commercial premises.

Thermoshield was previously applied in Townsville, Queensland, where a separate study measured a 21% saving in energy consumption.

Depending on the location, companies can experience energy consumption savings of at least 20%.

Previous projects

Thermoshield has been involved in several projects in Australia.

We were approached to resolve the corrosion issues on the ammonium nitrate sheds at Rio Tinto’s West Angelis site.

We were able to solve the issues by removing the roof and wall sheets. The entire framework was treated for rust followed by application of etch primer and a coat of Thermoshield to ensure no metal could come into contact with each other. All roof sheets were pre-coated prior to installation. A further coat of Thermoshield was then applied to the interior and exterior, with a final coating of Thermoshield Pale Eucalypt on the shed exterior.

In addition, Thermoshield Australia was asked to extend the service life of the Muja Power Station Boiler House roof.

We power washed the areas to remove all grime, coal and rust flakes. The rust was then treated with the application of a Rust Converter and Rust Inhibitor, followed by two coats of White Thermoshield and a final coat of Thermoshield Shale Grey.

This was successfully completed with a ten-year warranty.

An additional project involved the 50-year-old Probiotec complex, as the site was in an advanced state of corrosion.

The decision was made as to whether to treat the corrosion or fully replace the roof.

After the roof was power washed the acute areas were addressed by a licensed plumber supported by a Certificate of Compliance.

Areas that were slightly pitted were treated with a rust converter and a fibrous waterproofing membrane was bedded in to secure the integrity of the substrate.  A rust converter and inhibitor were then applied to the entire roof area.

Two coats of White Thermoshield were then applied and a small area coated in Shale Grey Thermoshield where the offices overlooked the roof, as this was in order to reduce the glare.

This was successfully completed with a ten-year warranty.

About Thermoshield

Established in 1997, Thermoshield Australia collaborates with universities and GHD to ensure the high performance of our technology through independent analysis.

We are ISO accredited in Quality Systems (ISO 9001: 2015), Environmental (ISO 14001: 2015) and Environmental Product Declaration (ISO 14025). We also have an R-rating and an Environmental Product Declaration issued by GECA, and we are fire rated by the CSIRO and CM3 Registered.

Thermoshield’s solutions repel radiant heat penetrating through the substrate, reducing ongoing air conditioning costs. They also strengthen substrates prior to the installation of PV (photovoltaic) panels, as well as significantly improving performance in power output.

All works carried out are compliant with OH&S and accompanied by a ten-year warranty.

We are proudly Australian owned and our products all manufactured here in Australia.

Thermal Protection

Repels radiant heat, which penetrates through the substrate and in turn reduces ongoing air-conditioning costs.

Future Proofing

Thermoshield restores roof integrity by means of stabilising and strengthening the asset.

Corrosion Control

Addresses corroded roofs and waterproofing as opposed to roof replacement at a fraction of the cost.

Rio Tinto Ammonium Nitrate Storage Facility Corrosion Control

In December 2010, a representative from Rio Tinto approached Thermoshield in reference to attempting to resolve part of an '$80 million a year corrosion problem' across the wider business after samples were sent from Thermoshield’s WA distributor to Rio Tinto.

Thermoshield Australia

Factory 11

42 Mills Road

Dandenong, VIC 3175