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Matt is a staff writer covering global energy generation, storage, and resource affairs.

Matt Farmer

“Slowing momentum” on mining ESG: Report

The Responsible Mining Foundation’s new report found that most mining companies make no effort to shed a light on ESG risks.

Russia invades Ukraine: the business fallout

Russia’s mobilisation into Ukraine has caused Western powers to impose sanctions on the country.

“Normalised” discrimination at Rio Tinto “not psychologically safe”

The mining giant has published a report into sexism, racism, and bullying experienced by staff.

Climate change, Australian mining, and the storm ahead

The science is clear: with years of emissions locked in, Australia will experience climate change through its increasingly extreme weather.

Australia plans for net zero by 2050 ahead of COP26, passing no laws

Moving from staunch pollution defender to climate realism, Australia’s Government has laid out plans to decarbonise the country by 2050.

The five Cs of diamonds, and why miners hate synthetic gems

The mass production of synthetic diamonds has given clarity to a fifth ‘C’ beyond the traditional four: cost of production.

How not to lose $36m in a copper trade scam

In August 2020 Mercuria purchased 6,000 tons of copper from Beitsan but received only paving stones, painted with a copper colour.

Staff picks: policy changes to revolutionise Australia’s mining sector

With Australia reportedly mulling a net-zero emissions target that could bring its climate goals in line with other countries while also having a major effect on the country’s mining industry, our staff writers each identify one policy they would enact to equip Australia’s mining sector for the challenges ahead.

New paper details profitable lithium extraction from seawater

A new scientific paper has outlined a potentially inexpensive way to extract lithium from seawater.

Aftercare in the community, and the next chapter of Jabiru

The Ranger uranium mine refined its last ore in January 2021, and as rehabilitation work continues, the town aims to move on.