Advanced Mine Technology Solutions

I-Site Hardware and Software


I-Site 3D laser survey technology combines rugged long-range laser scanning hardware and powerful modelling and analysis software with a streamlined survey workflow. I-Site laser scanning systems are safe, accurate and reliable.

I-Site Studio software offers all the tools to support survey, geotechnical and engineering deliverables within the mining, quarry and civil industries. The software improves efficiency, productivity and workflow, resulting in the fastest field to finish solution.

I-Site Studio also integrates data from high performance laser scanning instruments with conventional survey and mapping and modern aerial techniques. Surveyors can complete tasks efficiently, with a workflow matching common survey applications.

Mine Survey Solutions

I-Site laser scanners are the only terrestrial laser scanners sealed to IP65 and ruggedised to withstand the tough mining environment.

I-Site provides a fast, accurate and safe system for site and topographic survey. I-Site laser scanning systems can be set up on a tripod or vehicle for efficient operation. Continuous mobile survey is also possible with an INS-enabled vehicle mount, promoting the highest safety and efficiency for survey crews operating in active areas. Integrated software allows for filtering and registering data and creating terrain models, contours and volume calculations.

Users can generate 3D models and accurate volumes to reconcile materials for indoor and outdoor stockpiles to efficiently meet reporting and contractor deadlines.

I-Site technology provides an integrated solution for pit surveys for routine and end-of-month reporting as well as pre- and post-blast survey, toe and crest detection, geotechnical analysis and optimising equipment loads. Powerful tools and intuitive workflow in I-Site Studio allow surveyors to deliver fast and accurate pit surface updates.

Geology Solutions

Safe survey of highwalls is important for geological mapping and geotechnical analysis. I-Site laser scanners feature an HDR inbuilt camera which allows capture of high resolution photographs at the same time as scanning.

Capture of detailed structural data allows dip and strike information to be updated on joint sets for easily mapping contact boundaries between geological features. Geologists and geotechnical engineers can create stereonets and rose diagrams for analysis, and confidently identify structural weaknesses that may affect operational decisions. Kinematic analysis can also be conducted for potential failure types such as wedge, planar and toppling to improve mine designs.

Change Detection Solutions

Advanced Maptek sensor technologies provide a safe and versatile solution for detecting and monitoring changes in structures such as dam walls, tailings dam material and tunnel openings. Easy-to-use hardware is integrated with powerful software for generating accurate, reliable data for analysis and reporting.

Underground Solutions

Rugged hardware and specialised accessories combine with powerful modelling and analysis software to deliver a safe solution for underground survey applications. An I-Site laser scanner designed for underground operation measures voids, drives, and tunnels with ease, while maintaining the versatility to handle interior silo survey and stockpile measurements.

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