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29 June 2017
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Shenzhen Riyueguanghua Technology - High-Performance LED Lighting for Industrial Applications

Blast Maker - Automated Design of Mass Blasts in Open-Pits

Slimline Manufacturing - Containment and Storage Wastewater Turnkey Solutions

M2M Connectivity - Machine-to-Machine and Internet of Things Communication Devices

iVolve - Real-Time Machine Intelligence for Mine Sites

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Press Releases

Grindex to Expand Product Portfolio with Mega Inox
Grindex, a world leader in electrical submersible pumps, is now launching Grindex Mega Inox, a 90kW (50Hz) and 134Hp (60Hz) pump manufactured completely in stainless-steel.

IDS GeoRadar Launches Safety, Stability Monitoring Radar for the Underground Mining Industry
HYDRA-U monitors surface deformations, ground fall hazards in real-time.

Digital Flowmeters to Wirelessly Measure Air Usage
EXAIR's new Digital Flowmeters with wireless capability use a Zigbee® mesh network protocol to measure and monitor your compressed air use, trends, and historical data.

Maestro Wireless Solutions Launch E228 Router to Australian Market
Maestro are well-known in the M2M / IoT industry for offering highly versatile, reliable and rugged routers.

Benefits of Rubber Parking Curbs
Concrete and rubber are the two most common substances from which parking stops are manufactured, and each presents unique advantages. Here at Monster, we manufacture our parking stops from premium recycled rubber, which creates a better overall product, albeit at a slightly higher cost.

White Papers

LED Bulbs for Underground and Street Lighting
Shenzhen RIYUEGUANGHUA Technology is a professional LED light manufacturer for many years, which is specializing in research, manufacturing and sales of LED lighting...

Sulzer Cast Materials
Wherever there are chloride solutions, such as sea water, bleach or oxidising salts e.g. ferric chloride and cupric chloride, pitting and crevice corrosion can occur....

DAMM's TetraFlex Outdoor Base Station for Adverse Environments
TetraFlex Outdoor Base Stations systems provide the most reliable and rugged technology for communications tools....

Flexco Releases Free Paper on Diversion Technology
Flexco has released a free paper on how diversion technology is changing operations. The function of a transfer chute system varies depending on its operational requirements, but in all cases,...

Safety Solutions for Mining, Oil and Gas Applications
Checkers offers a wide range of safety solutions for the mining and offshore sectors, including motion safety products, ground and cable protection, as well as dust control floor...


China’s mega gold find and what it could mean for the global market
The discovery of what could be China’s largest gold deposit is just one step towards the country playing an even bigger role in the global gold market. What could this mean for the global market and for China’s economy? Elly Earls reports.

MINE digital magazine: issue 58
In this issue: China strikes gold record, the US coal comeback, mining in Mali, new mineral formations, a case for sand mining, the International Collegiate Mining Competition, and more

Can sand mining ever be green?
As urbanisation increases so does the demand for sand in construction, making it the most mined resource on earth. The result has been widespread ecological devastation, as riverbanks and waterways are stripped of their foundations. With no population decline in sight, can sand mining be made sustainable?

From Origin to Evolution: digitising mining with software specialist Maptek
Maptek, a provider of software for the mining industry, has released upgraded scheduling tools to help improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of cut-off grade removal. Coming under a single software portfolio, Evolution, based on an evolutionary algorithm, such tools should help eradicate the bottlenecks created by having to transfer data from one form of software to another. Rod James takes a closer look.

The Anthropocene Epoch: how mining spurs rapid mineral diversification
American scientists have discovered a group of minerals and mineral-like compounds that owe their origins mostly to mining, as they’re formed in ore dumps and tunnel walls, among other places. Research co-author, Edward Grew from the University of Maine, spoke to Heidi Vella about the significant impact of mining on the environment and why experts believe a new mineralogical era called the Anthropocene Epoch merits acknowledgement.


Bloom Lake Iron Ore Mine, Quebec
Champion Iron, through its subsidiary Québec Iron Ore, proposes to restart the Bloom Lake iron ore mine in Fermont, north-east Quebec, Canada.

San Ramon Gold Mine, Antioquia
Red Eagle Mining's San Ramon gold mine is an integral part of the Santa Rosa gold project and is located in the Department of Antioquia, northern Colombia.

Copler Sulphide Expansion Project
The Çöpler open-pit gold mine in Turkey is being expanded to introduce pressure oxidation method to produce gold from the refractory sulphide ore.

Millennium Expansion Project
Millennium Coal Pty Limited (MCPL), a subsidiary of Peabody Energy, proposes to increase the Millennium mine coal production from 1.9Mtpa to 5.5Mtpa under the Millennium Expansion Project (MEP).

Renard Diamond Project
The Renard Diamond project is located in east-central Quebec, Canada, within the Foxtrot property. It was earlier jointly owned by Stornoway Diamond and SOQUEM.

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