Pon to Supply Mining Equipment to Swedish Project

Pon Equipment is to supply Caterpillar and Bucyrus mine mobile equipment to Northland Resources for the Kaunisvaara project in Sweden.

Under the agreement, Pon will supply 23 machines including two large O&K RH340 electric front shovels, 12 Cat 226t 793F haul trucks, a number of large Cat 994F wheel loaders and several graders and dozers.

The first batch of equipment is due to be delivered by mid 2012.

The Kaunisvaara project will exploit magnetite iron ore deposits and supply a multiline processing facility, which yields a very high-grade, high-quality magnetite iron concentrate.

Once the project is complete, the process plant will have an annual capacity of 12 million tons of iron ore from which five million tons of iron ore concentrate will be produced.