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CSM Transport Equipment - Professional Canopies for Utes and Trucks

CSM Transport Equipment

CSM Transport Equipment is an Australian designer and manufacturer of high-quality, professionally designed canopies for utes and trucks. The company develops its range of canopies using the latest computer-aided software, and produces products for a wide range of vehicle makes and models.

All of our canopies are built to withstand extreme weather and protection from dust, and are designed to last for many years.

Aluminium canopy bodies for utes and trucks

CSM Transport Equipment's lead range of professional canopies is called ProCan. Built in highly durable aluminium, these canopies are designed to be dustproof and waterproof for reliable transportation of tools and other equipment.

Not only are our canopies available for a large range of vehicle models, including Toyota Landcruiser, Nissan Navara and Ford Ranger, but they can be colour matched to your specific vehicle.

Ute canopies for mining vehicle fleets

For companies looking to equip a large number of vehicles, our FleetPro Canopy option is ideal. This canopy can be designed to fit a wide selection of vehicles, including the Mitsubishi Triton, Toyota Hilux and Holden Colorado, and can also suit single, space or twin cab utes.

Featuring concealed wiring ducts to maintain a clean, professional interior, this option is available with a wide range of accessories, including mining light bars, tool boxes, etc.

Vehicle canopies for tool and equipment transportation

Our TradePro Canopy option is designed to enable vehicles to be kitted out to your specific requirements for the transportation of tools and equipment. We can customise this canopy to include features such as windows, tool boxes, drawers and roof ranks, ensuring your canopy is designed to perfectly suit your needs.

This canopy can be colour-matched to the vehicle. It is also available as an integrated or lift-off model. The lift-off option enables the canopy to be lifted off the tray body when required.

Low-cost vehicle canopies

For those looking for a vehicle canopy on a budget, the Metro ute canopy option is best. Available in three standard sizes, this canopy is constructed from 2.5mm aluminium sheeting and features an aluminium tray body floor. It is designed to work with the majority of light commercial utes and 4WD vehicles, including the Ford Falcon and Toyota Landcruiser.

We can supply this model fully assembled so that it can be fitted straight onto the vehicle, or as a flat-pack, which can be assembled onto an existing tray.

Colour and accessory options are available for this model.

Hard wearing truck under-body tool boxes

Safely transporting tools can be a challenge in remote Australian conditions. The TruckPro tool box range is designed to tackle this is a reliable, robust way.

These under-body tool boxes are compact and space-efficient, enabling more supplies and tools to be transported. They are available in zinc-coated steel, aluminium or stainless-steel, and can be supplied with a shelf, top cage, vertical partition or stainless steel door skin as required.

TruckPro tool boxes are available in 1.6mm powder-coated anneal sheet, 1.6mm stainless-steel sheet or 2.5mm aluminium checker plate, and come with the following features:

  • Welded hinges with grease nipples
  • Stainless-steel drop T handles, with key lock
  • Double-fluted pinch weld seal
  • Door lanyard in stainless-steel
  • Constructed using TIG or MIG welding

Canopy, tray body, van and 4WD accessories

CSM Transport Equipment also stocks a selection of robust accessories for canopies, tray bodies, vans and 4WDs. This includes the Ute-Lid, a practical, durable lid with handles that is designed protect items from dust and damage.

Other products include the Ladd-a-Lift, a OH&S-compliant lockable ladder rack, which can be fitted to a wide range of vans, utes and canopies.

We also manufacture a wide range of accessories for our canopies, including drawers, shelves, windows and mining light bars.

Technologically advanced canopy design and manufacture

In order to ensure our canopies are of the best possible quality, CSM uses Solidworks solid modelling and sophisticated CAD / CAM software to design our products in the finest detail. During manufacture we use high-quality sheet metal machinery to create unbeatable products. This also ensures our products provide complete dust and weather protection.

Lean manufacturing system for flexible, sustainable canopy production

CSM Transport Equipment uses a lean manufacturing system to ensure the company can respond flexibly and effectively, as well as keep costs down. This includes a focus on 5S, which involves ensuring workstations are kept equipped and uncluttered, helping to maintain high quality.

We are focused on providing tailored products of the highest possible products, and will always work with our customers to find the best product for their needs. To find out more, or to make an enquiry, please contact us using the details or contact form below.

Contact Details

CSM Transport Equipment
483 East Street
Tel: 1800 618 332 (Australia local-rate)
Fax: +61 7 4667 1877

Canopies for utes and trucks CSM Transport Equipment manufactures canopies for utes and trucks.
ProCan aluminium canopies Made from durable aluminium, our ProCan range of canopies can be fitted to a range of vehicles, including the Toyata Landcruiser or Nissan Navara.
Company branding We can also colour-match our canopies to specific vehicles and provide company branding.
Fleet canopies The FleetPro option enables a large number of mining vehicles to be fitted, and is suitable for a wide selection of models and makes.
Trade-specific canopies The TradePro canopy can be fitted with tool boxes, drawers, roof racks and any other options to effectively transport your vehicle.
Low-cost canopy The Metro ute canopy is a low-cost option, which is available in three sizes to fit the majority of utes.
Truck under-body tool box The TruckPro tool box range includes under-body tool boxes to maximise space.
Ute lid The Ute-Lid is designed to protect cargo from dust and damage.
Lockable ladder rack The Ladd-a-Lift is a lockable ladder rack that is OH&S-compliant.
Manufacturing canopies CSM Transport Equipment uses the most advanced design software and sophisticated manufacturing techniques to ensure the best possible quality.
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