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Complete Mining and Construction Solutions

Atlas Copco is your one source for underground mining and construction equipment. Our dedication to keeping work productive and safe is shown in our development and manufacture of quality rock drills, face drilling and production drilling rigs, underground loaders and trucks, pedestal boom systems, industrial vehicles, electric haul trucks, ventilation systems, locomotives, service trucks and digging arm loaders.

With a global reach spanning more than 170 countries with local support and service centers, Atlas Copco provides expertly engineered equipment while keeping true to our promise of sustainable productivity, to ensure that your construction and mining goals are met.

Drill rigs and rock drills

Our drilling product portfolio includes cable bolting rigs, face drilling rigs, long-hole drilling rigs, Raiseboring machines, rock bolting rigs, rock drills and scaling rigs. Many of these have remote control options. All have the precision and power needed for underground applications.

Underground loaders and trucks

Our Scooptram loaders come with electric or diesel engines and can with direct or remote control options. With capacities to load from 3.6t to 15t, there is a Scooptram for every size of mining or tunneling operation. The high operator comfort and easy serviceability pair for unmatched performance.

The Häggloader continuous loaders handle up to nine cubic meters per minute with their unique 'digging arm' technique. They come in track, crawler or rubber tire versions and have a built-in sprinkler system to control the dust.

Our Minetruck trucks have hauling capacities of 20t to 60t. The speed on grade is unmatched in the industry. The comfortable cab and proven components make daily use even easier.

The Kiruna Electric haul truck is the only electric truck in the world capable of hauling between 35t and 50t. The truck is highly energy-efficient thanks to its reduced need for fuel, and it is easier on ventilation systems and provides better working conditions underground.

Diesel hydrodynamic and hydrostatic locomotives carry from 2t to 50t at up to 32km per hour. They are easy to service and maintain, in widths from 9m and above. Shuttlecars carry the muck faster with capacities up to 20t. Conveyors provide quicker loading than any other system on the market.

Pedestal Boom systems

Secondary rock breaking can be a tough and hazardous job, but the strong and sturdy pedestal boom systems from Atlas Copco break down huge problems into smaller, more manageable chunks to make the job easier, safer and more efficient.

Charging equipment for ANFO applications

Our ANFO charging equipment has charging capacity up to 130kg per minute. Charging can be done with external or onboard air, and has electric or diesel options.

Ventilation systems

SwedVent provides a complete system for underground ventilation, including high-pressure fans with guide vanes and adjustable angles. Flexible ducting, underground control systems and rescue chambers are also offered.

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