Industrial Filters for Solid-Liquid Separation

Following the acquisition of Larex by Outotec, its expertise in minerals and metals processing has merged with Outotec's expertise in solid-liquid separation. The new dream team offers innovative and sustainable solutions and services for the whole value chain of mine, metal and chemical process industries. Larox's filtration solutions and services perfectly complement Outotec's solution and service offering.

Outotec innovates, develops and delivers sustainable technology and service solutions to the minerals, metals, chemical and energy industries. Outotec collaborates lifelong with its customers in order to optimise the utilization of raw materials and energy efficiency as well as to minimise the environmental impact and operating costs.

Industrial filters for solid and liquid separation

Outotec develops, designs, manufactures and supplies industrial filters and is a leading technology company in its field. Outotec is a full service filtration solution provider in solid and liquid separation. Comprehensive aftermarket services throughout the lifespan of the Outotec solution form an essential part of our operations. Companies in the mining and metallurgy, chemical processing and related industries benefit from our high-efficiency process technologies, products and solutions.

Outotec provides its clients with an unrivalled combination of process expertise and service. We deliver complete solutions, which exceed goals for product quality, yield, value and consistency. Outotec helps clients to simplify their production processes, improve the profitability of the processes and help to save energy in an environmentally friendly way. All solutions are designed for application-specific needs to meet all process performance requirements of clients and their customers.

Over-pressure and under-pressure filter technologies

All Outotec Larox filter technologies are based either on over-pressure, including automatic vertical pressure filters, horizontal filter presses and polishing filters, or on under-pressure, including horizontal vacuum belt filters, ceramic disc filters and conventional vacuum disc and drum filters.

The Outotec filter product names used to known as Larox, Ceramec, Hoesch, Pannevis, Scanmec and Scheibler. Most of the product names have served the markets for several decades and all of them are supported by Outotec aftermarket services.

Automatic pressure filters

Outotec's M-Series automatic pressure filters run in many of the world’s largest and best-known mining and metallurgical operations.

The DS automatic pressure filter is a totally enclosed design incorporating all polypropylene membrane plates on both sides of the chamber. The filter can be designed for inert operation using nitrogen for solvent-wetted processes or processes requiring a non-oxidizing atmosphere. Clean-in-place is a standard feature for most demanding standards of hygiene.

Filter technology after-sales services

Outotec is where its customers are. We serve our global clients through an extensive network of sales and service offices and representatives worldwide. Product engineering and manufacturing facilities are located in Finland and in Suzhou, China.

Fast open filter press

Outotec recently introduced the newest development for bulk material dewatering, the fast opening membrane filter press type FFP2512 with the biggest plate format ever designed. This design reduces the operation and maintenance cost and improves the productivity. Filtration capacity can reach more than 240t/h.

Horizontal vacuum belt filters

Models include open filters, enclosed designs and multi-purpose processing capabilities, including cake separation, washing, compression and thermal drying of the cake. An almost unlimited combination of options on a single machine makes Outotec one of the most versatile processing systems available.

Membrane filter presses

Membrane filter presses originally from Hoesch, now part of Outotec, have been installed in over 2,500 locations worldwide. Overhead beam and side bar designs are offered with a full range of options including automatic plate shifting, cloth discharge and cloth cleaning. Outotec specializes in corrosion-resistant designs for today’s challenging market requirements the polypropylene plates are standard for all designs.

Capillary action disc filters

Ceramec filters, now part of Outotec, are used to dewater mineral concentrates and pelletising feed slurries. The micro porous ceramic discs replace conventional filter cloth. Capillary action draws liquid through the pores, and only a small vacuum pump is required, resulting in significantly reduced energy consumption.

Vacuum disc and drum filters

Vacuum disc filters from Outotec have proved to be cost effective and maintenance friendly, serving the bulk mining industry successfully over 20 years. Vacuum drum filters are offered in several configurations, including belt or scraper discharge, pre-coat operation or top feed.

Polishing filters

We offer polishing filters, which use adsorption filtration to remove and recover solids in low concentrations from process liquids. Adsorption filtration reduces solids concentrations in filtrates to parts per million with very low operating costs. There are no moving parts and cloth cleaning and solids discharge are carried out automatically.

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