Closed Side Setting Measurement Device for Ore Crushers

mintap c-gap

Mintap is the official worldwide distributor of the C-Gap closed side setting measurement tool for mining and quarrying clients.

C-Gap enables operators to measure the closed side setting (CSS) of gyratory, jaw and cone crushers, to improve safety standards, production levels and costs. The C-Gap allows for the measurement of CSS's between 7mm and 220mm on hoses that vary in length between 3m and 30m

Crusher closed side setting monitor for the mining industry

Mintap offers C-Gap technology, a German designed and manufactured system in a carrycase that can be easily transported across mine sites to monitor a broad range of crushers. The set contains rubber bulbs, hoses and a console.

A selected hollow rubber bulb is attached to a hose and placed between the fixed and moving plates of a crusher. The bulb is squeezed by the crusher with an increase in pressure correlating to distance (CSS). This can be calibrated ensuring accurate and repetitive readings.

The C-Gap system is supplied with a selection of measurement bulbs ranging from 7mm to 220mm, with an accuracy of 1mm. The colour-coded bulbs are made from tough rubber for high wear-resistance.

Cable lengths are available in up to 30m, so the system can be used for even large, gyratory crusher units.

Operations are managed via the lightweight, handheld console. The battery-powered device is both splashproof and dustproof for continued use at mine sites, and can be calibrated using lead weights or manual measurement for optimum accuracy.

Safe and reliable ore crushing solutions

C-Gap effectively replaces the need to use lead weights on a continual basis or any other rudimentary methods, such as aluminium foil balls, clay, 44gal drums or used oil filters.

Operators and maintenance personnel stand in a safe position above the entry to the crusher passing the bulb down through the crusher chute to the nip point, for measurement. This removes the need to send personnel under the crusher to manually measure the CSS.

Increased production and ore processing

As CSS gaps can be monitored quickly, with all measurements taken within five minutes, C-Gap supports site production levels and keeps downtime to a minimum.

A few minutes checking the closed gap at the start of each shift ensures greater consistency and problem-free working during uptime. It also affects a crusher's overall condition and service life, as optimum feed sizes can be maintained and wear parts monitored.

C-Gap reduces the need to use lead weights when processing ore, and is so simple that it only requires one worker to operate it.

C-Gap is certified according to AS/NZS CISPR 22: 2009.

About Mintap

Mintap delivers innovative technologies that improve operations in the mining and quarrying industries.

The company was established in 2012 to connect businesses with tools that are proven to positively affect their efficiency, production and safety.

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