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Scope Systems - Mining Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Over the last 15 years, Scope Systems has built a reputation for delivering cutting-edge enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to clients from all spheres of the mining industry.

From our global headquarters in Perth, Western Australia, we tailor fully customised solutions for use from grass roots exploration to multi-million dollar construction projects. Our clients rely on our software, built on PRONTO-Xi, to give them the tools they need to manage the day-to-day running of their operations, leaving them to concentrate on their core business.

Enterprise resource planning software for the mining industry

Scope Systems provides mining industries around the world with ERP to manage their financial data. We have a solution built on a solid and reliable foundation that is easy to install, less expensive than most, and can either work "out of the box" or be customised to your company’s structure and requirements.

Mining industry-specific ERP modules

We have developed mining industry-specific modules over the years in response to our clients’ requirements and fine-tuned these to suit the industry as it grows.

The benefits to our customers of engaging with a reliable one-stop partner like us include low risk, high ROI, fast implementation times, specialised mining knowledge and quality results.

Customised ERP software for financial management

Scope Systems develops, supplies, implements, customises and supports business solutions based on PRONTO-Xi ERP software. PRONTO-Xi is a well configured financials module that provides you with a full understanding of your financial data, revenue and cash flow.

Cost-reducing mining ERP software

We offer PRONTO-Xi ERP software and other Scope Systems modules, including business intelligence, tenement management, timesheets, purchase requisitions, HP leasing and more. We help companies to achieve their goals of reducing costs by:

  • Replacing outdated or outgrown systems (such as using spreadsheets, MYOB or QuickBooks) with PRONTO-Xi
  • Updating applications that don’t "talk to each other" with a single solution.
  • Implementing a reporting solution that gives you the ability to track, report and drill into your operational data in an easy-to-use graphical interface (business intelligence)
  • Delivering a project that gives staff and workers the knowledge and confidence to get the most out of their system; this is achieved via training, documentation and ongoing support

Mine financial, purchasing and maintenance management software

Scope Systems offers PRONTO-Xi Financials, Pronto-Xi Purchasing and PRONTO-Xi Maintenance modules. All applications are flexible and scalable and offer your business a seamless flow of data between key operational and financial areas of your company.

Tenement management system for mines

Scope Systems’ tenement management system was designed in response to a need in the marketplace for tighter controls and monitoring of tenement expenditure (in-house) and the identification of bottlenecks in the processing and reporting of auditable transactions.

At Scope Systems, we sought to minimise the processing time and effort involved in capturing and classifying tenement expenditure and enable users to report on their tenement expenditure at the push of a button from PRONTO. The statutory (Western Australia) Form 5 is printed directly from the system for immediate submission to the mines department.

Mine hire purchase (HP) and lease management system

Scope Systems’ HP and lease management system seamlessly integrates with your PRONTO-Xi system to help you control HP or lease expenses. Its features include:

  • Allows full control of general ledger / project postings
  • Fully linked to fixed asset register
  • Allows multiple lease / HP contracts per asset
  • Manages hire purchase, operating leases and financial leases
  • Built-in finance calculator
  • Various industry standard and customised reports

Mine purchase requisition approval system (PRAS)

Never has the need to control your mining expenditure been more important than it is in these uncertain economic times. Scope Systems’ purchase requisition approval system (PRAS) module seamlessly integrates with your PRONTO-Xi system to help you control expenses before they occur.

Its features include:

  • Multiple levels and branches of approval authority tree
  • The requisition progresses up through each level until approval can be given
  • Alternate approver functionality
  • Email notifications up and down the tree structure
  • Purchasing officers can receive notifications on all approvals to enable them to keep abreast of what they need to purchase
  • View-all facility for managers to see all activity under their control

Customisable business intelligence reports

The cornerstone of Scope Systems’ business intelligence solution, powered by QlikView, is the reports it produces. The reports are customisable, visual and interactive; meaning they are easy to interpret and you can slice, dice and drill down into any dimension on the report to query or further refine the information that is presented.

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Scope Systems offers enterprise-wide business solutions based on PRONTO-Xi ERP software. PRONTO-Xi is more than just an accounting system, with fully integrated modules ranging from payroll to project management, plant maintenance to manufacturing.

Scope Systems partners with PRONTO Software to maximise customer productivity, streamline their supply chains and deliver superior customer service.

Scope Systems’ ERP solutions are built on a solid and reliable foundation that is easy to install, less expensive than most, and can be customised to your company’s structure and requirements.

Scope Systems’ physical management module is designed to extend the capability of PRONTO-Xi to incorporate non-financial data into databases of the users design.

The cornerstone of Scope Systems’ business intelligence solution is the customisable, visual and interactive reports it produces.
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