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Schneider Electric at MINExpo 2016: Innovation at every level

Schneider Electric at MINExpo 2016: Innovation at every level

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at MINExpo 2016, the biggest mining show in the world, 26 - 28 September 2016, booth #4443.

We will be showcasing our dedicated solutions for the mining industry, including:

  • Supply chain optimisation, including the NEW SimSci Spiral software suite for planning and scheduling
  • Process control and optimisation, from M580 process controllers to advanced process control
  • Virtual and augmented reality solutions
  • Asset management and maintenance tools
  • Power systems, low voltage (LV) and medium voltage (MV) equipment, and large drives
  • IT solutions for efficient power and cooling
  • SmartBunker, the complete IT infrastructure within a stand-alone, secure enclosure for protection of critical business applications
  • Field services to optimise existing installations

The mining industry is facing some difficult challenges around efficiency, sustainability and productivity, yet thanks to innovations in technology, there have never been so many opportunities to overcome them.

Schneider Electric see's a world of possibilities that can unlock the potential of your business and usher in an unprecedented age of information and efficiency. We call this 'Life Is On'.

Through innovation at every level of your enterprise you can:

Go green: Grow your business in a sustainable way, reduce your environmental footprint and achieve maximum return on your energy expenses by deploying end-to-end solutions that save you money and give you a competitive advantage that goes right to your bottom line.

Go lean: Optimise the entire value chain from resource to market. Plan, schedule, automate and manage your process to maximise asset performance and production resources.

Go digital: Step into the future via augmented and virtual reality solutions and enhance worker safety and operating efficiency, and achieve seamless connectivity from shop floor to enterprise that will improve business results.

Save the date, 26 - 28 September, and come see how innovation at every level of your enterprise can make 'Life Is On' a reality for you.