Communication, Power Supply and Detection Solutions for Mine Sites

Broadband power-line modem (BPLM)

Nautitech provides innovative solutions for hazardous mining environments such as vehicle methane detection, broadband power line modems (BPLM) for communications, and camera technology.

It has implemented LEAN and Six Sigma to provide cost reductions and increase quality, deliver and reliability.

Power line modems for mining communications

The highly reliable Spitfire BPLM can carry any data and has been integrated with proximity detection systems, cameras and wireless access points.

It utilises existing trailing cables to seamlessly transmit live machine data to surface, by implementing a high bandwidth between 40MB and 90MB to communicate between equipment, from face to surface or existing infrastructure.

It also features plug-and-play installation and a full two-year warranty.

Thermal and high-definition cameras

Used in conjunction with proximity detection systems, thermal cameras identify people, machines and other objects in low-visibility, dust, heat or steam, while high-definition (HD) cameras incorporate a ring light as a headlight.

Nautitech's camera innovations are designed with the end-user in mind.

The company's analytic-enabled thermal cameras identify a person at a 40m range and can be used in horizon control applications. In addition they can activate alarms, de-rate engines and can recognise heat rise in stockpiles and bearings.

Flameproof camera displays for explosive areas

Nautitech's flameproof video display units are suitable for Group 1 and 2 explosive, underground coal, and oil and gas applications.

The 3.5in utilises the same enclosure for cameras, displays and junction boxes, while the 7in and 10in displays also have video and split-screen capabilities.

Wi-fi enabled data logging solutions for tracking vehicles

Nautitech's profiler collects data from more than 100 critical vehicle sensors and sends data to the surface via Wi-Fi.

The company converts transmitted data into knowledge and intelligence with a dashboard, providing total visibility of a fleet, continuous miners and shearers.

Live vehicle data tracking capabilities generate customised, easy-to-read reports to support daily operational and efficiency decisions, as well as preventative and predictive fleet maintenance strategies.

Intrinsically safe power supply systems

Nautitech has a range of intrinsically safe (IS) products such as programmable logic controller (PLC), uninterruptible power supply (UPS), input / output modules, methane systems, lights and cameras.

The company's IS products are modular and can be expanded if clients require additional components.

About Nautitech

Nautitech has numerous alliances with similar companies in Australia, South Africa and the US, enabling access to an expanded product range and the ability to satisfy customer requirements.

The company's partners include Saminco for traction drives, Strata Worldwide for proximity detection solutions (PDS), and Monitech for field service support in South Africa.

Nautitech has also collaborated with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and Australia's Safety in Mines Testing and Research Station (Simtars).

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