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Maptek™ is a global provider of innovative software, hardware and services for the mining sector, integrating automated workflows and optimised algorithms to collect, analyse and circulate critical information.

The company offers a unique combination of engineering resources, industry knowledge and technical expertise.

Intelligent 3D systems for optimising mine operations

Maptek specialises in developing powerful, smart 3D solutions to help mining operations better understand and transform their data into decision-ready information. The company proactively integrates and uses data connections available within mining environments to build more robust systems, which span life-of-mine solutions.

Operations require efficient access to broad datasets to assemble a single management solution for monitoring integrated mine performance. Collecting data from all operating devices and making it accessible to all planning and operational teams drives continuous improvement in performance and productivity.

Maptek delivers solutions that utilises all available information in an internet of things (IoT) approach, which exploits mining data being recorded by equipment, processes and systems, and communicates information around them in real-time. This enables mine planners to develop and evaluate designs, which are economically viable and can optimise the value of the extracted resource.

Extensive solutions for analysing mine data

Maptek offers a wide range of software and hardware to facilitate data analysis and enhance mining operations.

Vulcan™ software provides advanced 3D spatial information, modelling, visualisation and analysis. From exploration, through mine design and scheduling, to mine rehabilitation, more than 10,000 licences of Vulcan are installed around the world across all types of resources and operations.

I-Site™ 3D laser survey technology combines long-range laser scanning hardware with modelling and analysis software. Hallmarks of I-Site spatial technology are an easy set-up, portability, rapid and safe data acquisition, as well as powerful, in-built processing and modelling tools.

The BlastLogic™ focuses on the storage, traceability, routine design and task administration of open-cut drilling and blasting operations. It provides immediate access to contrasting blast and drill data to enable easy analysis of historical performance to optimise blast accuracy, downstream processes and mineral recovery.

Evolution is a strategic and tactical mine planning tool for open-cut scheduling and optimisation. It produces medium, long-term and strategic life of mine schedules, which reduce operating costs and maximise the value of a deposit. The solution is an enterprise level scheduling solution, which also optimises the haulage fleet and waste landforms to deliver cost savings early in the schedule.

Sentry is a flexible and cost-effective solution for risk management. The laser-based system includes advanced software to record and monitor surface movements, helping identify trends that can lead to potential slope and surface failures.

PerfectDig™ is an easy-to-use system for rapidly evaluating and supporting design conformance. It allows all stakeholders to quickly compare completed with in-field designs, and fosters real-time decision making. The outcome is efficient resource allocation, and improved wall stability and safety.

Eureka™ provides an integrated platform for viewing and analysing project drillholes and other spatial data. It takes spatially located data and puts it into context to better understand the relationships between the disparate information.

Offered through our partnership with MinLog, MineSuite systems help operations manage resources at an enterprise level, providing a holistic view of equipment, tasks, shift and personnel requirements and availability for effective planning.

Continuous research and development into mine data analysis

Maptek has more than 40 years of experience in commercialising products with proven value-in-use, helping miners to plan operations productively, regardless of market fluctuations and mining variables.

We provide a purpose-built 3D visualisation environment for intelligent interpretation of data across geological modelling, mine design, planning, production management and reporting.

Featuring intuitive interfaces, automated workflows, customised scripting and optimised algorithms, the company's smart applications enable detailed analysis of alternative scenarios to facilitate the decision-making process.

The Maptek technology roadmap sets the direction for individual application capabilities alongside strategic plans for leveraging the latest technology to create an integrated, connected and flexible technical user environment.

Reliable hardware and software systems offer auditability, confidence, safety, mobility and flexibility. Operations can trust Maptek to implement practical solutions to specific issues and common industry challenges. If an application does not exist, the company has the expertise and vision to develop suitable tools.

Maptek continually looks to add value by examining how data collection and analysis can extend across processes and beyond horizons. In addition, the company's R&D into new applications is supplemented by adapting existing technology to target new solutions.

Support services for local and international mine operators

Maptek employs 350 staff worldwide in 13 offices, providing local services to support mining customers.

The company can evaluate software techniques and recommend ideal workflows using the latest tools to boost efficiency. In addition, its technical support, training and consulting services help enhance operation performance, productivity and profitability.

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Applying Modern Heuristics to Maximising NPV through Cut-off Grade Optimisation 07 August 2017 This paper describes an innovative approach where evolutionary algorithms are combined with both local search and linear programming.

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