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Mine Planning, Engineering and Automating Software

If you require software for a mine, Carlson Software has it. This applies to planning a mine, engineering a mine, or automating the mine to increase efficiency – even down to the financial aspects. Carlson Software is there with the total solution.

Carlson Software has 25 years of experience working with mines, which has resulted in the powerful, yet easy-to-use line of Carlson Mining programs. Carlson Mining has become the software standard in the US coal industry, and is expanding into industrial minerals and hardrock mining.

From surveying and data collection with Carlson SurvCE, through geological modeling (Carlson Geology), underground and surface planning and scheduling, through blasting, monitoring, and all the way through to reclamation (Carlson Natural Regrade), Carlson has the software to help you improve efficiency and lower your costs.

Complex mine design, scheduling and timing

Carlson Geology provides the tools for complex mine design, which includes building the geologic model, plus managing drillhole data and calculating strata models, quantities and qualities. 2D and 3D diagrams of the geologic model allow for observation from any desired viewpoint. Beds can be defined by elevation, thickness or quality, and/or grid surfaces.

Reports on tonnage, overburden, strip ratio, area mined, qualities, time periods, equipment, and cost in user-defined formats can easily be produced with Carlson. In addition to strata models, block modeling provides additional quality tracking. Analyze the chemistry through your grade parameter files to view in 3D and cross sections, and use for reserve calculations of the different grades.

Complete underground mine projections software

With Carlson Underground Mining software, you’ll get all the tools you need for precise designing and scheduling of mine projections. We allow you to create complete mine projections in just minutes versus hours, thus saving both time and money.

You’ll have the ability to individualize the mine design, generate tonnage reports, reduce idle time and increase production rates. Underground mine reserves can be determined complete with quality attributes, thickness and grades calculated and displayed using user-defined parameters, including tonnage, owner, lease, area mined, cost, equipment and more.

Mining design test layouts

Carlson Surface Mining offers intelligent routines for complex surface mining techniques and design. The layout can be automated for easy pit layouts. You’ll also be able to accurately schedule and monitor your mine with Carlson.

Geologic and surface mine modeling

Carlson specializes in modeling surfaces, allowing any finished landform to be created from the initial contour map. Utilizing Carlson mining software, you’ll be able to integrate geologic and surface modeling with plan view, 3D view and section view mine layout routines; get accurate calculations of overburden, ore quantities, strip ratios, rehandle and ultimately cost; and easily convert any road or ditch centerline, dam, building pad, pit or other defined object into a final terrain.

Mining software

Carlson mine software for other aspects of the mining business includes Carlson Mine Financials and Carlson Natural Regrade.

Mining financial analysis program

Carlson Mine Financials, a full financial analysis program, applies 4D (time) and 5D (cost) computing directly to your real-life mine scenarios. The program allows for the scheduling and tracking of all mining resources and activities to determine the most cost-effective and efficient way to achieve your desired results.

Sustainable mine reclamation

For sustainable mine reclamation, Carlson Natural Regrade helps you create a landscape that harmonizes with the natural forces that shape the land, rather than fighting with them. With this software, project costs come in below estimates for traditional methods, and the resultant design not only meets but exceeds environmental standards.

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