Atlas Copco Hurricane High-Pressure Booster Compressors for Air and Gas Compression

Atlas Copco Hurricane booster

Atlas Copco, the internationally renowned industrial machinery supplier, manufactures boosters for high-pressure air and gas compression under its Hurricane brand. As the world’s leading producer of air compressors, the company is extremely well placed to develop boosters.

The Hurricane line has been designed with advanced technologies to provide flexibility, performance and customisation as required.

Lightweight, powerful boosters

Atlas Copco’s Hurricane boosters are very powerful; however, they are smaller and lighter than rival products. The company uses a turnkey manufacturing process and strict quality control to ensure its boosters are of exceptional quality.

The company produces variants of the Hurricane, all of which have four reciprocating cylinders, but which come with different drive engines. The B7-41/1000 features a Caterpillar C7 engine, producing 250bhp at 1,800rpm. Alternatively, the B4-41/750 and B4-41/1000 feature the John Deere PowerTech 4.5l Tier 2 engine, with 172bhp at 1,800rpm. The B4-41/900 has a Cummins QSB 4.5l engine with 152bhp at 1,800rpm.

Hurricane booster features

The Hurricane booster line has a large range of standard features, with numerous optional extras to suit site and application-specific requirements. Standard features include:

  • Automatic load/unload system
  • On-board fuel tank
  • Booster bypass manifold (single and two-stage only)
  • Engine speed adjustment
  • Dual inlet suction manifold
  • Discharge temperature sensor at each valve
  • Precooler (+15°F / 8°C) and suction scrubber tank
  • Aftercooler (+50°F / 28°C)
  • Open skid with single point lifting and fork lift slots
  • Suction and discharge safety relief valves
  • Digital instrument panel monitoring all controls, pressures and temperatures with shut down and fault indicators for full protection

The company produces many optional features, and can create custom pressure and capacity features upon request. Optional extras include:

  • Digital control panel
  • Full protection frame
  • Automatic scrubber drain valve
  • Cold weather kit
  • Overspeed shutdown valve
  • Inlet particle filter
  • Lights for night operation
  • Weatherproof container
  • Trailer

Applications for booster compressors

Booster compressors have a wide range of applications across many industries, with many uses in the mining industry. Hurricane boosters can be used for pipeline services, including cleaning, hydrostatic testing, pipeline purging and dewatering, and offshore seismic exploration, including air gun shooting.

Our booster compressors are particularly useful for air, mist and foam drilling, including:

  • Oil, natural gas and coal bed methane (CBM) drilling
  • Water well drilling
  • Mineral exploration drilling
  • Geothermal drilling

Other applications include coiled tubing for well servicing, nitrogen gas lifting and N2 injection for mine fire suppression or enhanced oil recovery.

Drilling hole cleaning using air

Holes created during drilling must be cleaned, which can be achieved using air by maintaining good bailing velocity. This is achieved by creating uphole air velocity at two to three times the terminal velocity of the particles, a factor that is affected by the size, shape and density of particulates.

In order to transport chips and powder from the bit face and out of a hole, sufficient flow is needed. For dry to moist conditions, this will be around 3,000ft/min to 7,000ft/min, while for stable foam it will be approximately 600ft/min.

However, as the density of bottom-hole air increases, which occurs due to back pressure, the velocity decreases. As a result, deep holes require more air, which is why booster compressors are a valuable tool for exploration drilling.

Booster compressors for mineral exploration drilling

There are two principle types of mineral exploration drilling, both of which significantly benefit from the use of compressors and boosters:

  • Diamond core drilling is for deep hole full core samples: this is used for wider ore body definition
  • Reverse circulation (RC) drilling is a method of collecting the rock cuttings at depth intervals to be analysed for mineral content: this can be deep hole for finer ore body definition

Booster capacity factors

The capacity of the booster depends on the inlet pressure and the RPM of the drive engine. The higher the engine speed the more FAD the booster will displace. Most models can be regulated between 1,200rpm – 1,800rpm.

Main benefits of Hurricane boosters

There are many benefits to using Hurricane boosters from Atlas Copco. These include:

  • Complete packages: completely developed in-house, ready run, while competitors (packagers) use a source booster block
  • Compact design: smallest footprint, less weight due to the unique vertical set up and valve design
  • Easy to transport due to compact design
  • Low maintenance: easy service access and use of only one valve for inlet and outlet
  • High reliability due to unique design with proven engine block technology, use of minimum pressure valve at discharge (avoiding low-pressure operation and condensation issues) and high temperature shutdown per cylinder
  • Low fuel consumption: standard load/unload system (unload engine runs at idle speed)
  • Unique options: staging valve for dual pressure operation

To find out more about Atlas Copco’s Hurricane line, or to make an enquiry, please contact us using the details below.

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Press Release

Atlas Copco Releases Hurricane Booster White Papers

Atlas Copco manufactures high-quality boosters for high-pressure air and gas compression under its Hurricane brand.

White Papers

Hurricane Boosters – Model B7-41

Like all of our boosters, the model B7-41 unit provides you with a better penetration rate, cooler bit temperatures and longer bit life.

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Press Release

2 May 2013

Atlas Copco manufactures high-quality boosters for high-pressure air and gas compression under its Hurricane brand.

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Atlas Copco Hurricane LLC

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United States of America

800 754 7408 (Toll-free US/Canada) +1 317 736 3800

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