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Transdiesel Australia - Allison Transmissions for Mining Applications

Transdiesel Australia is a leading supplier of Allison Transmissions and through-life support services to the mining sector.

Our services include the supply of new Allison Transmissions, application engineering, genuine Allison Transmission spare parts, overhaul of Allison Transmissions, remanufacture of Allison Transmissions and integrated transmission through-life support, and are backed by our DQS ISO 9001-2008 international quality management system.

Our line of Allison Transmission products and services allows customers to experience the highest quality products combined with improved performance, reliability, durability and overall value for money through the life of the vehicle.

New Allison Transmission supply

Transdiesel Australia stocks a complete range of Allison Transmissions available for supply to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end users. In addition, Transdiesel Australia offers application and engineering services with every transmission supplied, providing customers with improved vehicle performance, reliability and lower vehicle operating costs.

Application engineering

Transdiesel Australia works with OEMs and end users to optimise the Allison Transmission application to achieve maximum vehicle performance, reliability and durability, whilst maintaining the lowest operating costs possible.

When complete vehicle purchase and operation costs are taken into account, along with superior vehicle acceleration and manoeuvrability, Allison Transmission-equipped vehicles have a lower operational cost per kilometre compared to manual or automated manual transmissions.

Genuine Allison Transmission spare parts

Transdiesel Australia stocks a complete range of genuine Allison Transmission spare parts in-house, guaranteeing quick delivery to customers as well as reducing vehicle down time, lowering vehicle operating costs and improving vehicle productivity.

Transdiesel Australia will priority ship Allison Transmission parts anywhere in Australia and is ideally located close to main highways and Melbourne Airport, allowing for the fast delivery of Allison Transmission genuine spare parts to customers throughout Australia.

Transmission remanufacture and repair

At Transdiesel Australia, our technicians are factory trained using the latest in Allison Transmission diagnostic equipment and tooling including an Aidco transmission dynamometer, thereby guaranteeing our customers the quality and reliability of our remanufactured transmissions, overhauled transmissions and transmission repairs.

In addition, Transdiesel Australia offers a cooler flushing service to remove all debris lodged in the oil cooler eliminating any chance of premature transmission failure after installation of our remanufactured transmission or transmission overhaul, resulting in greater vehicle reliability and maintaining lower operating costs.

Through-life support

Transdiesel Australia has a history of working with Allison Transmission customers to achieve the lowest operating costs through preventative maintenance and through-life support of the transmission.

Transdiesel Australia's efforts have resulted in improvements to vehicle reliability and productivity, saving the end user valuable time and money.

Quality management system and customer service

Transdiesel Australia operates under the DQS International Quality Standard ISO 9001:2008 to guarantee the delivery of superior customer satisfaction and service levels.

Our quality management system is utilised throughout our sales and service process to exceed customer satisfaction and service levels, achieving a mutually beneficial relationship.

Transdiesel Australia company history

Transdiesel Australia has been the Allison Transmission expert since 1974. For almost 40 years, Transdiesel Australia has been a leading authorised Allison Transmission dealer / direct dealer in Australia, supporting customers both locally and internationally.

Currently Transdiesel Australia is the only authorised Allison Transmission hybrid electric drive dealer located in Australasia.

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Transdiesel Australia Pty Ltd
1 Cummins Drive
Somerton VIC 3062
Tel: +61 3 9305 0800
Tel: 1300 553 763 (Australia local rate)
Fax: +61 3 9305 0850

Transdiesel Australia offers a complete range of Allison Transmission products and services including new Allison Transmissions, application engineering, remanufactured transmissions, genuine Allison Transmission spare parts and through-life support.
Application engineering provided by Transdiesel Australia optimises Allison Transmission performance and reliability for all mining applications.
Transdiesel Australia holds a large inventory of genuine Allison Transmission parts supporting mining customers with transmission maintenance and through-life support.
Transdiesel Australia provides customers with Allison Transmission through-life support, lowering mining vehicle operating costs and improving vehicle reliability.
Transdiesel Australia provides parts, service and technical support to customers 24/7.
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