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Power is a major part of managing mine operating costs, especially for off-grid mines. This means that reducing per-unit power cost is essential to sustain profit margins.

Redavia provides low-cost power generation on flexible short-term contracts. This enables mines to save on unit power costs without large capital outlays. Redavia’s reliable rental solar farms supplement on-site diesel-generators and reduce their fuel consumption, providing power at unit costs of 20 to 40% of diesel-generated power.

The rental service includes turnkey solar farm installation, complete solar farm removal and full operations and maintenance, allowing mines to concentrate on their core business while increasing profit margins and shareholder value.

Solar power services for mining sites

Redavia offers a low-cost and reliable solar farm rental service that generates savings for remote diesel and HFO-powered mines. This is provided on flexible contracts starting from just three to five years.

In the solar-diesel hybrid system, Redavia’s solar farm supplements the power provided by the diesel generators. Diesel serves the entire load overnight, while generation is split between the solar and diesel generators during the day.

Several features ensure reliability and diesel fuel efficiency in the hybrid system:

  • The inverters automatically follow the voltage, frequency and reactive power of the diesel generators
  • The solar farm is controlled to maintain sufficient spinning reserve at all times to deal with any unexpected drops in solar-power output, as well as load steps
  • Solar output is automatically curtailed to maintain a minimum load on generators and avoid inefficient low-load operation

Due to these integrated controls, system reliability and savings stays at optimum levels.

Redavia offers mines a complete, tried-and-tested process to achieve solar cost savings, which includes:

  • Complete retrieval of the entire solar farm, free of charge
  • Expert engineering
  • Full-service operations and management
  • Simple, transparent contracting
  • Turnkey deployment

Redavia’s relentless focus on operational excellence and experience in remote solar-diesel hybrid energy ensures reliability and success at each stage of the project.

Solar power contracting

After an initial expression of interest, Redavia provides an indicative offer based on a preliminary technical discussion with the mine. The offer includes an initial technical design, a transparent estimate of cost savings and estimated rental contract terms.

The final contract is drawn up based on site-specific data collected by a Redavia engineer. Redavia solar rental agreements start from three to five years and can be extended to last the lifetime of the mine.

Mine site engineering and data collection

After an initial indicative offer, a Redavia engineer performs a site visit to collect site-specific data, which is used to prepare the contractual offer and plan for a smooth deployment.

Using simulations based on the collected data, Redavia’s team of solar-diesel-hybrid engineers design the optimal solar-diesel hybrid system for the mine to maximise cost savings.

Redavia’s solar farms comply with German DIN standards and are validated by engineering standards controllers appointed by the German Government.

Deployment of solar farms to mine operations

After receipt of the initial transport fee, Redavia preassembles, transports, imports and deploys a complete solar farm to the site within four weeks of the order.

A Redavia container holds every component required to deploy a turnkey solar farm on-site, including modules, cabling, inverters, foundations, and monitoring and deployment tools.

The preassembled solar farms are built on-site using a fraction of the time and labour needed by traditional solar farms. A 1MW rental solar farm installation is typically completed within two weeks.

Redavia is experienced with the challenges of deploying and operating equipment in developing countries, as well as remote and difficult environments. Risks are managed through standardised and well-documented deployment, preparation and operation processes.

On-site operations and maintenance services

Redavia’s full on-site maintenance service includes:

  • 24/7 monitoring of the solar farm to ensure daily and monthly energy production and savings updates for the mine
  • Scheduled maintenance, such as de-dusting and electrical inspections
  • Unscheduled interventions

Redavia maintains a network of selected, trained and monitored local subcontractors to support the company in performing its maintenance obligations. This ensures optimal production and fuel cost savings, no matter how remote or challenging the operating environment.

Short-term solar farm rental agreements

With Redavia, mines pay no upfront costs and maintain operational flexibility through shorter-term rental agreements.

After a minimal up-front transport fee, Redavia solar farms are rented by the kWh. These payments cover the full rental solar service, including turnkey installation, complete farm removal and full operations and maintenance.

In this way, the mine realises immediate savings without risking capital and typically breaks even on the initial transport fee within six months, saving several millions of dollars over the duration of the contract.

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Press Release

Frost & Sullivan Recognises Redavia’s Clean and Cost-Effective Energy Solution for the Mining Industry

Frost & Sullivan has awarded Redavia the 2014 Frost & Sullivan Award for Technology Innovation Leadership in the Solar-Diesel Hybrid Sector during its annual Best Practices Awards.

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Redavia’s Rentable Solar Power Plants for Clean, Cost-Effective Energy

Redavia offers rentable solar farms that provide low-cast energy for mine sites. Download the free flyer for more information about Redavia’s rental agreements for sites and full-scale operations.

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Press Release

9 December 2014

Frost & Sullivan has awarded Redavia the 2014 Frost & Sullivan Award for Technology Innovation Leadership in the Solar-Diesel Hybrid Sector during its annual Best Practices Awards.

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