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All-Terrain, Remote-Controlled, Belly Plate Jack for the Mining Industry

Nivek Industries

Nivek Industries manufacturers tracked elevating devices (TED) for the mining industry. The TED is a remote-controlled, battery-powered, all-terrain, multi-purpose belly plate jack.

Belly guard removal jack for heavy mining machinery

The Nivek Industries TED was originally designed to help remove belly guards from heavy mining bulldozers.

The TED is remotely operated, eliminating the need for maintenance staff during the hazardous lifting and lowering stages of belly plate removal. This increase in safety has resulted in the TED becoming an essential machine in several major mining company workshops across Australia.

With a safe lifting capacity of 800kg and a profile of 315mm, the TED is able to manoeuvre under a wide range of heavy mining vehicles, and assist in the removal of a variety of components.

The TED has a standard elevating height of 1,170mm and also has a built-in rotating table to help align bolt holes when fitting components back onto mining vehicles.

Driven by a hydraulic skid steer track system, the TED is operational on challenging surfaces. This all-terrain capability allows it to be utilised at the site of vehicle breakdown, and its fitted blade attachment allows it to create its own flat operating space for safer operation.

Interchangeable jack accessories for mining environments

Since the initial prototype in 2009, the TED has become an all-purpose workshop tool through the introduction of numerous easily interchangeable attachments, such as:

  • Cutting-edge tool to aid in the replacement of various plant cutting edges
  • Cradle to help replace steer cylinders, tie rods, pumps, drive shafts and other similar cylindrical components
  • Stand locating tool to help with the placement of axle stands under suspended loads, eliminating risk of occupational hazards
  • Track roller carrier to aid in the replacement of track rollers
  • Slope jig for components with a sloping bottom, the slope table's angle is easily altered and ranges from 0° to 45° when fully extended

New attachments and accessories are frequently being developed by Nivek Industries. If you have a task that you feel TED may be suitable for, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Innovative products for the future of the mining industry

Nivek Industries has also developed several capability multipliers for the TED, increasing its range of applications. These include:

  • TED pit rescue trailer: allows TED to be easily transported to the site of any vehicle breakdown
  • Extension blocks: extends the lifting height of TED by up to 600mm
  • Belly plate stands: easily put in place to hold a removed belly plate, freeing TED up for other tasks

Nivek Industries currently has several products under development, including:

  • Super-TED, with a lifting capacity of 3,000kg
  • TED front end loader, perfect for clearing under conveyer belts
  • Filter press, able to crush up to 20 filters automatically

About Nivek Industries

Nivek Industries is a family owned, Australian manufacturing and fabrication company. It prides itself on quality workmanship and building products that are durable and easily maintainable in mining environments.

Nivek Industries has highly proficient, skilled and dedicated staff, who have strong working relationships with several responsive specialist suppliers.

The company can convert ideas and concepts into functional, quality products. From computer modelling and working prototypes, to full scale manufacturing, Nivek Industries provides customers with responsive, adaptable manufacturing solutions.

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