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Outotec offers the best business solution with selection of the most efficient and reliable technologies in the world. We have more than 100 years of experience in the business of mining

Our expertise covers the entire production chain. In addition to proven technology, we provide integrated process design, technology supply, related engineering, project management, start-up and training, as well as comprehensive customer service.


Outotec is the world leader in flotation technology and sets new standards for superior flotation performance: aeration and mixing, froth handling and recovery - for every flotation task. Our flotation solutions are tailor-made for each customer, whether it is flotation packages with support services, modular process sections or even whole concentrators. Every stage in the flotation circuit is customized, whether it be roughing, scavenging or cleaning.

With over 40 years of experience in proven and innovative flotation, the complete lifecycle of the installation, starting from the very first mineralogical study through feasibility studies and simulations, is professionally covered. There is no compromise on quality. Low operating and maintenance costs, together with high reliability and performance, contribute to the best return on investment.


Outotec is the global market leader by installed capacity in flotation and in the past ten years alone, over 4,000 Outotec Technology flotation units have been installed around the world. TankCell® provides the world's fastest flotation kinetics (proved in full-scale tests), offers optimized fines and coarse particle flotation and has the largest size range in the market. In 2005, the company launched the largest TankCell® in the world, TankCell® -300, with over 300m³ of active volume.

Outotec offers the widest range of flotation solutions to meet all application needs. Each flotation unit can be delivered complete with a customized package of our high-level automation and intelligent instruments.

Our flotation technologies include:

TankCell® family - the widest range of cell sizes, from 5m³ to 300m³, available for superior flotation performance.

SkimAir™ flotation machines for conventional flash flotation or Flash Roughing™ for improved overall recovery. SkimAir™ is the only flotation technology suitable for the grinding circuit.

Conventional flotation - OK-U and OK-R flotation cells are optional especially for smaller tank volumes.

FrothCon™ - a modular control system to enhancing the performance of flotation process, a standard component of a TankCell® system delivery.

FrothMaster™ converts froth image analysis to useful plant measurements and controls enhancing the performance of our flotation cells.


Outotec's numerous thickening and paste installations range from simple process water clarification to 'dry' stacking tailings disposal, from CCD circuits to sand and paste mine backfill.

Outotec Technology is at the leading edge of thickener technology, with well over 1,000 units sold worldwide in the past 20 years alone. The revolutionary SUPAFLO® design has redefined thickening methods around the world. Our global thickener support team is responsible for research and development of new ideas and provides technical support to market areas worldwide.

SUPAFLO® thickeners include a number of innovative features in their design. Special attention is given to engineering design of feedwells, rake profiles, drive systems and control strategies to meet the challenge of dewatering materials that are often problematic for normal thickeners.

Our unparalleled experience in test-work, design, operation, installation and service of thickeners and clarifiers throughout the world is a guarantee of quality. We provide you a complete service from test-work to process and technical support and service.

Thickening technologies:

  • SUPAFLO® high rate thickeners
  • SUPAFLO® high compression thickeners
  • SUPAFLO® paste thickeners
  • SUPAFLO® conventional thickeners
  • SUPAFLO® clarifiers
  • SUPAFLO® solids contact clarifiers
  • SUPAFLO® lime saturator

A number of significant thickening advances over the past decade, several of which have been patented, include low profile triangular rake arms to reduce rake torque, Autodil™ and Turbodil™ – the world’s first thickening systems to auto-dilute feed, thereby optimizing performance and flocculant consumption, FrothBuster™ deaerator to reduce the amount of froth forming on the surface of thickeners, automatic de-scaling of thickener rakes and complete redesign of thickener drives to use low cost, efficient epicyclic gearboxes.

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