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Vekta - Mine Survey and Spatial Services

Vekta is Australia’s premier survey and spatial company. Formed through the merger of two leading Australian survey firms, Qasco and Survey21, Vekta provides professional surveying consultancy and project services to some of the country’s largest resource projects. With a proud history delivering the needs of clients for over 60 years Vekta has more than 160 staff operating out of eight offices nationally, and unrivaled experience providing aerial, land and engineering survey solutions.

Vekta’s ability to combine the use of aerial and land surveying methods and technologies makes them ideally suited to partner on major infrastructure project on a long term basis to deliver all spatial requirements throughout the project lifecycle.

Vekta operates under a Quality Management System (QMS) that ensures all operations are conducted to the highest quality and safety standards. The system is third party accredited to international standard ISO 9001:2008.

Mining infrastructure services

Vekta is recognised as the benchmark for survey and spatial solutions in the mining sector. Vekta has a deep resource pool of qualified and experienced mining and engineering surveyors equipped with the latest technology including GPS, Robotic Total Stations and certified mine vehicles.

Services include:

  • The supply of survey for road, rail and mining bulk earthworks
  • Road, rail and airstrip construction
  • Mine site accommodation development
  • Mechanical and structural steel placement
  • Marine and jetty structures
  • Pipeline alignment and construction surveys
  • EPCM survey management and auditing
  • Machine automation systems

Vekta can provide scalable surveying services to projects for weeks, months or years ensuring project continuity and consistency.

Terrestrial laser scanning

Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) is ideally suited to safely, accurately and rapidly acquiring positional information of features for later be processing off-site. The volume of information captured allows for detailed modeling to be performed on fine elements such as wires/cables, rail tracks, pulleys, railings, conveyor idlers, stringers, Structures (GTU), signals, valves and pipe work.

The ability to accurately collect high levels of detail rapidly and can significantly reduce or even eliminate the need for plant shutdowns for survey purposes. Using TLS to survey processing plants, fuel farms, conveyors and other project critical infrastructure can result in substantial production efficiencies and cost savings.

Other benefits of TLS include:

  • Minimise or remove many OH&S issues
  • Dramatically reduce exposure in dangerous environments
  • Remotely acquire information at an accuracy suitable for most purposes (3mm)
  • Can be used over time to monitor change/movement
  • Modeling can be performed to various levels depending on specific project requirements

As an early adopter of TLS in Australia; Vekta is experienced in the acquisition of existing conditions using terrestrial laser scanning. The company has invested heavily in technology and training to become a leading laser scanning service provider.

Aerial surveying

Vekta operates aircraft which are custom-fitted for aerial survey work. Each aircraft is staffed with a professional pilot and navigator and supported by geospatial mapping and survey professionals experienced in the planning and execution of aerial survey projects.

Offering a diverse range of leading edge technology and ably supported by professional and experienced staff, Vekta can develop tailored solutions for the specific needs of a project. Our aerial survey technologies include:

  • Airborne laser scanning (LiDAR)
  • High resolution aerial photography (digital and film based)
  • Photogrammetric mapping
  • Orthophoto production
  • Spatial data model development and analysis

Products and solution provided to developers and project managers include:

  • Production of broad acre digital elevation models (DEM's) for feasibility studies through to project design
  • Detailed feature mapping and the production of comprehensive digital terrain models (DTM's)
  • Volumetric calculations for earthworks and stockpiles on an ad-hoc or regular basis for contractual or independent audit purposes
  • Temporal mapping to measure subsidence or change over time including access to a significant library of historical imagery
  • High accuracy mapping using helicopters for detailed engineering design
  • Production of high resolution digital orthophotos for use in project GIS

Vekta's commitment to quality, safety and ongoing investment in staff and technology, combined with significant industry experience, ensures our clients receive best practice spatial solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual project.

Contact Details

630 Coronation Drive
PO Box 2084
Queensland 4066
Tel: +61 7 3331 3000
Fax: +61 7 3217 7777

We are recognised as the benchmark for survey and spatial solutions in the mining industry.
Vekta are specialised in performing conveyor as-built surveys without need of a site shut-down or direct physical access to moving plant and machinery.
Vekta produces high resolution digital terrain models (DTM’s) over large areas using a variety of aerial survey techniques.
Vekta captures aerial photography for use in mapping and orthophoto production using the latest airborne digital sensors.
Vekta operates aircraft which are custom-fitted for aerial survey work.
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