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Reflex Instruments - Borehole Survey Tools

Reflex Instruments' borehole survey tools help miners, drillers, tunnellers, grouters, ground engineers, geologists and geophysists in more than 45 countries, to get more valuable information out of each borehole drilled - and thereby cut the costs of exploration and investigation.

All drill holes deviate from the plan; how significant depends on your project. The borehole survey instruments manufactured by Reflex Instruments reduce your risk and optimise the amount of drilling. Reflex instruments let you concentrate on the drilling, where the money is made through efficient operation.

Electronic borehole survey instrument

Reflex EZ-Shot® is an electronic single shot instrument, ideal for carrying out surveys in a non-magnetic environment as the borehole progresses. Its features and benefits include:

  • Single-shot capabilities
  • Accurate electronic measuring principle
  • Measures in all directions
  • Fast and very easy to operate
  • On-site access to survey data
  • Robust and fully integrated
  • Optional pressure barrel, extension rods and landing collar
  • Orientation of BHA

Reflex EZ-Shot accurately measures six parameters in one single shot; azimuth, inclination, magnetic tool face angle, gravity roll angle, magnetic field strength and temperature. All parameters are displayed on the instrument's integrated membrane keypad.

Survey data is presented on the display of the instrument immediately after recovery from the drill hole. The Reflex EZ-Shot has the ability to store 50 surveys internally and post processing of survey data is possible with the Reflex SProcess application.

Magnetic borehole survey instrument

Reflex EZ-Trac is a multifunctional magnetic instrument for single-shot, multi-shot and orientation surveys. Its features and benefits include the following:

  • Easy to operate
  • Single-shot, multi-shot and orientation capabilities
  • Accurate electronic measuring principle
  • Robust, durable and completely water protected
  • Long-life, field changeable battery pack
  • Infrared data communication
  • Minimal service requirements
  • Data download to USB stick
  • Multi-language option

Utilising modern magnetic and gravimetric sensors, the Reflex EZ-Trac performs surveys in all directions with high accuracy. The Reflex EZ-Trac is built to take harsh treatment. Its robust, durable design and the fully water-protected pressure barrel minimises the time and costs of maintenance and repairs.

The Reflex EZ-Trac is controlled by either the Reflex EZ-Com II handheld, recognised for its simplicity, or the Reflex EMS PPC application running on a Recon device.

Borehole survey digital core orientation system

The Reflex ACT II RD is a state-of-the-art digital core orientation system that retains the quality and consistency of the Reflex ACT I, which has become the preferred system for many drillers and geologists worldwide. This upgraded version provides the additional benefits of rapid decent, time stamping and infra-red technologies, making the tool even faster, more robust and accurate.

Features and benefits:

  • Highly accurate - up to 88°
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Water resistant and rugged
  • Compatible with rapid descent technology
  • No battery charging
  • Not affected by geological anomalies
  • Digital download audit ability
  • Speed and increased accuracy with time stamping technology (TST)

Incorporating the latest technology, the Reflex ACT II RD is an even more robust and reliable instrument than its predecessor. Separating the infrared controller from the downhole tool has enabled a more rugged design and reduced risk of water ingress damage.

Downhole surveying tools

Reflex Gyro is a complete downhole surveying package capable of surveying in all environments, magnetic and non-magnetic, providing its own internal quality checks. Its features and benefits include the following:

  • Magnetic and non-magnetic environments
  • Measures in all directions
  • Rugged construction, no moving parts
  • Standard running gear 38mm OD
  • Fully remote operation with no cables
  • Easy to operate
  • One of the least expensive gyros on the market
  • Professional custom-made running equipment

Accurate survey instrument

Reflex Maxibor® II is an advanced instrument for highly accurate surveys, which can also be used in magnetically disturbed environments. Its features and benefits include the following:

  • Highly accurate optical and gravimetric measuring principles
  • Unaffected by magnetism
  • Cost-effective alternative to gyro technology
  • Infrared data communication
  • On-site access to survey data - graphical and tabular presentation
  • Fully sealed and integrated electronics
  • Built-in battery pack lasts for many years

Reflex Maxibor II calculates the spatial coordinates along the drill hole path based on optical measurements of direction changes and gravimetric measurements of dip changes. The non-magnetic measuring principles make Reflex Maxibor II ideal for surveys in magnetically disturbed rock or inside metal drill rods.

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Reflex Asia Pacific (head office)
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Contact: Kelvin Brown (global products manager)
Tel: +61 8 9445 4020
Fax: +61 8 9445 4040

The EZ-Com II is a robust handheld device recognised for its simplicity and trouble-free operation, and can be used to survey with the EZ-Trac.
The Reflex Maxibor II is an optical instrument which makes it ideal for surveys in magnetically disturbed rock, such as magnetite, or inside metal drill strings.
The Reflex Gyro is a complete downhole survey instrument capable of surveying in all environments, magnetic and non-magnetic, providing its own internal quality checks.
The revolutionary Reflex EZ-Shot™ is an electronic solid-state single-shot drillhole survey tool.
The Reflex ACT II RD is the quickest orientation method available and has minimal impact on the drill productivity.
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