Rainstorm Dust Control

Dust Control Systems for the Mining Industry

Rainstorm is a specialist dust control company, formed in 1983 in Canada. We provide a one-stop source of first-class dust suppressants and soil stabilizers for use in the mining industry.

Over the last 20 years, Rainstorm has chosen to place more emphasis on meeting the service needs of the customer than merely supplying the product. As a result we have developed trust and rapport with a broad range of customers, both private and public, with our quick-fix miracle products.

Rainstorm's professional service approach has allowed both customer satisfaction and our reputation to flourish. We are the number one dust suppressant company, with our DustMag product being the leading road dust suppressant in Australia.

Dust suppression programme

We work hand-in-hand with our customers throughout the entire dust suppression program, monitoring the physical results after completion of the job. We then tally the results with the customer's own monitoring program.

Before application of our road dust suppressant, DustMag, onto mine haul roads, we work with the customer to determine their existing cost per square metre to lay the dust with existing technology such as water carts. We can then calculate the break-even number of days DustMag needs to lay the dust and can usually guarantee substantial cost savings to the client. If there ever is some sort of problem, even due to inclement weather, we re-treat the affected area at cost or for free.

Dust suppressant for unsealed mining roads

Our services include the supply and application of DustMag dust suppressant for unsealed roads. Sold to local and state governments, as well as mining companies, DustMag acts as a compaction agent and lays road dust for months at a time.

Heavy-duty dust control system

We are the inventors and proprietors of Gluon 240 a co-polymer emulsion designed for heavier-duty and longer lasting stabilization against wind erosion. Gluon 240 can be used as a stand-alone product or as an additive to the papier-mâché type hydromulch.

Co-polymer emulsion for stockpiles

For stockpiles, where vibration and movement are important factors, Rainstorm has developed a variant called Gluon 500 which is more flexible than other polymers with spectacular results. Gluon 500 is now being used in large quantities on the iron ore stockpiles of the Pilbara.

Dust control treatment for China and Mongolia

We have commenced exploration of the potential for exporting our techniques and products to China and Mongolia. We have put down several demonstration areas in China with very good results and feedback. The Chinese also see merit in our road dust treatment being an appropriate level of technology for their huge network of unsealed roads linking village.

Environmentally friendly dust control for mining

We are continuously striving to improve equipment, methods, products and training. Using only environmentally friendly products, we consider the client's total end-cost and ensure that we, not the customer, bear the onus for a successful outcome to the customer's satisfaction.

Rainstorm has also always chosen to provide all equipment and application services, along with the best products, in order to shoulder the onus for making things work.

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Dustmag Business Case 20 September 2016 We have had good feedback from clients and colleagues for over a decade as to the value of DustMag. DustMag provides a magnesium-based liquid application applied to unsealed roads and open areas for effective compaction and dust suppression under traffic, locally produced in the Pilbara.

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