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PolyCom Assists in Road Construction, Maintenance and Rebuilding

Tuesday, April 05, 2011 by PolyCom Stabilising Aid and DustChek

When constructing and maintaining unsealed rural roads, teams consider the type of material available to them and how they get it into the pavement.

PolyCom Stabilising Aid comes in 2kg packs in powder form. It is added into a water cart and sprayed over the ripped surface and then compacted. The result is a tighter running surface that resists traffic damage and water erosion, a road that is longer lasting and needs significantly less maintenance. In many cases crews can use in-situ material rather than importing material from elsewhere. PolyCom Stabilising Aid won’t go off until it’s compacted making PolyCom ideal to treat stockpiles of material. These treated stockpiles can be used for up to six months.

Just one 2kg pack of PolyCom Stabilising Aid treats 500m² at 100mm depth. No stabilising machines are needed and PolyCom is simply added to standard road maintenance procedures.

One 2kg pack of PolyCom Stabilising Aid will treat 50m³ or 100 tons of road making material.

One 2kg pack of PolyCom Stabilising Aid is equivalent to 2t, or 2,000kg, of cement with comparable results.

Treat a 1km section of road 8m wide at 100mm depth and only transport 32kg to the site. Grab it out of the car, ute or truck and include PolyCom into the day’s scheduled construction or maintenance.