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BOGE manufactures air compressors and air quality systems for industrial operations, including the demanding environments of the mining, steel and food preparation industries.

BOGE offers screw compressors and piston compressors in a variety of design specifications to suit the needs of individual applications. Compressors are available either oil-lubricated or oil-free, and as complete plants or single equipment units. A range of condensate management options and air treatment solutions are also available.

The company's 100+ years of experience in compression equipment, use of top-quality materials and a dedicated team of 650 employees have made BOGE a leader in the field with its own subsidiaries or sales offices and distribution partners in all major air markets. BOGE offers a worldwide service and replacement parts network to ensure dependable sales and after-market service in more than 120 countries.

Oil-injected screw compressors

Screw compressors are oil-injected systems with an ergonomic design split into easy-to-acess sections in a self-contained cabinet. The S series provides operations with all the compressed air they need in a range of pressure and motor powers.

The new generation of BOGE screw compressors have the most innovative and efficient designs on the market today. The S-3 series offers customers an improved oil separation system, so that even intake air with high levels of oil and dirt particles from heavy machinery and dusty environments can be turned into clean, high-quality compressed air.

The S-3 series of compressors run more smoothly and quietly, due to the new fan design. The units work more efficently and quietly at half the speed.

The series comes with the Focus control panel, its own cooling system, an efficient motor and intelligent air cooling capabilities.

Oil-free air to convert technology

BOGE engineers recommend that operations requiring class zero compressed air, which has no oil content at all, use an oil-free compressor.

Oil-free screw and piston compressors produce a higher quality of compressed air, as the compression chamber is not lubricated and no oil is used in the running of the equipment. The sealed units cannot be infiltrated by oil particles, so air supplies are of the highest quality and unpolluted.

An alternative product is the innovative oil-lubricated compressor which contains a downstream catalytic converter; any residual oil leaving the compressor is oxidised into carbon dioxide and water. This product not only eradicates oil from the surrounding environment but also from the condensate, to produce two harmless substances.

The BOGE BLUEKAT series of screw compressors allow operations to produce class zero, oil-free compressed air without the added cost of disposing of the resulting condensate.

The BLUEKAT is ideal for sensitive industrial applications that require safe, reliable oil-free compressed air. Regardless of the intake air quality, the compressor performs to a high standard and is significantly more economical than conventional screw compressors.

The frequency controlled BLUEKAT has an expected five-year service life until overhaul up to its air receiver deadline date.

Compressed air treatment

BOGE offers compressed air treatment options for high-quality results, from blow air to dry, sterile air that is suitable for precision environments.

BOGE's technicians have the broad knowledge to be able to advise customers on the suitable options available, as well as any special treatments or controls necessary to provide the optimum result on budget.

BOGE's range of treatment products includes:

  • Receivers
  • Compressed air dryers
  • Compressed air filters
  • Compressed air converters
  • Condensate management

Controls and remotes for air compressor systems

For safe and convenient operation, BOGE supplies a number of control switches, panels and remotes for air compressors and whole systems, including:

  • Trinity: The all-in-one tool can control up to three compressors from one switch, using pressure sensors to automatically adjust levels according to a set range
  • Airintelligence provis 2.0: A cutting-edge control with the ability to manage up to 16 compressors and a number of accessory tools
  • Airintelligence plus: Reduce service costs by managing up to six fixed-speed or frequency controlled compressors in one synchronised system
  • Airstatus: Monitor and control a compressed air system via the web or a smart phone, for immediate, efficient management of air supply

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