Blast Maker

Computer-Aided Mining Development in Open-Pits

Blast Maker JSC, in cooperation with Institute of Communications and Information Technologies of Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University, offers Blast Maker system for computer-aided mining development in open-pits.

The developer of Blast Maker system, the Institute of Communicatins and Information Technologies of Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University, is one of the leading hubs in the area of digital technologies across Eurasian Economic Community.

Blast Maker JSC is a profit-making organization carrying out the production of hardware of Blast Maker system. It has up-to-date manufacturing division, assembly shop, infrastructure, etc. Its production capacities are intended for the necessary amount of Blast Maker kits per year.

Blast Maker hardware-software complex for CAD in open-pits

The Blast Maker® software and hardware complex (SHC) is the system for computer-aided mining development in open-pits. The complex includes information and analytical Blast Maker software package as well as KOBUS® system for the acquisition and transmission of data about massif properties determined during the drilling of blast holes. The system allows to control drilling, to study the patterns and relationships of the strength properties of rock massif using the data obtained from each drilling rig in real-time, and to continuously monitor the dynamics of their changes within the pit field.

Blast Maker® SHC is a complex of software and hardware that combines Blast Maker® software package and KOBUS® system for the acquisition of data from drilling rigs. Interaction between the systems is carried out through a single database.

The Blast Maker® software package includes:

  • Digital model of the deposit for the collection, analysis and storage of geological and technological information in three-dimensional form
  • Digital model of the quarry surface for mining and geometric analysis operations
  • Drilling-and-blasting design module for calculating the parameters of mass blast and placement of blastholes on the blast block
  • Simulation modeling module for assessing the quality of mass blast and forecasting the parameters of collapse
  • Data import/export module that enables the interaction of the Blast Maker® package with the software products used at the enterprise
  • Generator of output documents for mass blast

KOBUS® automated system for acquisition of data from drilling rigs

An important component of Blast Maker® SHC is KOBUS® automated system for acquisition and transmission of data from drilling rigs, which includes:

  • KOBUS® drilling rig controller
  • Sensors
  • Equipment for wireless data transmission
  • Receiver and antennas of the GPS/GLONASS Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)
  • KOBUS® Base Station software package for the control center of open-pit
  • Package of front-end software for working with data generated and accumulated during the exploitation of the complex

KOBUS® system is intended for receiving, initial processing, indication and sending of data to the control center from regular and additionally installed control sensors on the drilling rig. Drilling project is transmitted via radio channel to the drilling rig. Precision navigation of the rig to the drill holes is carried out with the use of the GPS/GLONASS Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS).

During drilling, the physical quantities characterizing the drilling mode and parameters are registered. The package of front-end software allows the personnel of the enterprise to conveniently and efficiently work with the data created and accumulated during the exploitation of the complex.

Computer-aided drilling and blasting development

Unpredictable heterogeneity of strength properties of hard rocks remains the main factor complicating the mining and, for example, achieving the required quality of crushing of rock mass. Geological prospecting in general cannot provide enough accurate and detailed information about the structure of massif and strength of rocks

It is necessary to apply new methods for the operative control of the massif characteristics within the boundaries of the destroyed block. One of the effective ways to obtain the necessary information about the properties of the blasted massif is the use of digital technologies for obtaining data directly from the drilling rig in the process of drilling blast holes, including such parameter as the specific energy of drilling.

In addition to designing the parameters of drilling and blasting operations and predicting the results of blast, information on the strength characteristics of rocks obtained during the drilling of blast holes can be used for creating a digital model of deposit, predicting the quality of rock crushing by blast, evaluation the stability of pit walls and other technical and production tasks.
These tasks are successfully solved by the specialized Blast Maker® SHC, which realizes such approach in practice using modern digital technologies.

The implementation of the software and hardware complex has the following objectives:

  • Increase of labor productivity of specialists with the use of computer-aided drilling and blasting development due to the reduction of share of manual labor in performing routine and labor-intensive operations
  • Reduction of explosives consumption by optimizing the arrangement of blast holes and rational distribution of blast charges
  • Increase of productivity when drilling blast holes through continuous monitoring of drilling modes and their optimisation
  • Ensuring the efficiency and diversity of design solutions when performing drilling and blasting by simulation modeling
  • Reduction of time and fuel consumption when moving the rig to the next blast hole due to precise navigation

The effectiveness of the introduction of Blast Maker® SHC

The economic effect of the introduction of Blast Maker® SHC is made up of savings as a result of reduction in the expenditure on explosives and drilling of blastholes to 10% and an increase in the productivity of mining equipment to 8% due to improved quality of crushing rock mass. For example, in Razrez Tugnusky JSC of SUEK Co the economic effect for three years of operation amounted to 510 million rubles. The successful use of the KOBUS® on-board computer system has contributed, for example, to setting several world records on drilling blast holes on Razrez Tugnusky from 2011 to 2017.

The Blast Maker® system is implemented and successfully used in the following mining enterprises:

  • Razrez Tugnusky JSC of SUEK Co, Sagan-Nur, Russia (coal mining)
  • Karelsky Okatysh JSC of Severstal Co, Kostomuksha, Russia (iron mining)
  • Kostanay Minerals JSC, Zhitikara, Kazakhstan (asbestos mining)
  • SSGPO, Rudny, Kazakhstan (iron mining)
  • Polymetal International JSC, Saint-Petersburg, Russia (gold and etc)
  • Alrosa JSC, Aikhal Mining, Russia (diamonds)

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