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Radlink Communications - Two-Way Radios for the Mining Industry and Supplier of BVR Products

Radlink is an industry leader in the provision of analogue and advanced digital radio communications networks to multiple industrial sectors, including mining, oil and gas, rail, shipping and utilities. The company has offices in Perth, Western Australia and Brisbane, Queensland.

Radlink employs more than 120 communications professionals and support staff. Its communications engineers and technicians design, supply, install, commission, service and maintain the latest radio technologies. Radlink's extensive client list includes Atlas Iron, BHP Billiton, CITIC Pacific, FMG, Rio Tinto, Chevron and Woodside, as well as FESA, Surf Lifesaving WA, CSBP and CBH.

Wireless integrator of hardware and software in Australia

Radlink's TETRA solution is a 100% digital, IP-based network, offering architectural security while providing flexibility. IP is an approved, recognised, high-speed network technology that allows integration of hardware and software programmes with a shared interface anywhere in the network.

Both voice conversations and data packages can be simultaneously sent on a TETRA network, allowing one network solution to cater for any mission-critical task on today's industrial sites.

Some radio communication companies are allied to one supplier that locks them into proprietary equipment and contracts. Radlink is proud of its independence as this allows the company to evaluate and supply a variety of competing brands. This lets Radlink custom design networks that are best for your needs without being limited by choice of equipment, radio standards, software or technology.

Smart radio technology to control, monitor and protect assets and people

Both Radlink and Beyond Voice Radio (BVR) research and development engineers have one goal; to create leading products that give customers the most from their TETRA systems.

TETRA telemetry via SCADA

By taking advantage of the time division multiple access slots in a 25Khz band, data can be packaged and sent concurrently with voice transmissions in rapid time. The data packets are ideal for telemetry monitoring and control of equipment in the field, allowing all mine assets to be monitored remotely.

With the advent of remote operations centres, telemetry greatly reduces the hazards workers face in harsh outback environments. BVR have engineered a powerful computerised SCADA RTU module that can process input and output data and allow that data to transmit seamlessly in a TETRA network. The BVR5000 is the first development by BVR engineers.

Beyond Voice Radio BVR5000 Controller

The design of the BVR5000 Controller results in an all-purpose module built for communications with many different tools and applications. It is a stand-alone product because it works without reliance on any other devices. While able to readily communicate over radio networks, it is not tied to a specific system.

BVR5000 Controller can be used in conjunction with existing field equipment, requiring minimum changes for a unified system. It is also programmable, allowing the user to design their own HMI or to take the monitoring process beyond the transferring of SCADA and Telemetry data. As a result, the use of the BVR Controller is limited only by the creativity of the user.

Short data applications for mobile devices

Short data applications (SDAs) are like apps on a smartphone.

The Sepura radio can be used the same way as a smartphone and apps have been created to help the user electronically, for example, imagine using the capabilities of the built-in GPS on the Sepura handheld radio to recognise when a worker walks or drives into an excluded area defined by a Geofence. A message and alert tone can be automatically sent to warn that worker and ask whether or not it is possible to immediately leave the area.

Beyond Voice Radio has apps to turn old-fashioned paperwork into electronic forms and databases, such as vehicle pre-start checklists or Take 5 forms. By replacing physical paper forms, huge amounts of time and money can be saved on every operation.

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Tel: 1300 735 583
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Whether you need a simple network for small area, or a solar-powered one in a remote location handling radios and data, Radlink can design, build, install, manage and service it.
TETRA Radlink offers every aspect of communications project delivery, including coverage testing, system design, configuration, supply, commissioning, installation, implementation and where required, integration.
Radlink supplies high-quality TETRA solutions, including all the integrated hardware and software functions you need.
beyond voice radio Radlink supplies Beyond Voice Radio products; new technology to increase productivity and sustainability, protecting your people and your assets.
beyond voice Beyond Voice Radio R&D engineers have developed the clever BVR5000 Controller; an all-purpose interface for all devices in the field, old and new, eliminating the need for separate monitoring.
radio text safety app BVR integrates apps that run inside handheld and mobile digital radio terminals, for example, safety apps ensure evacuation of dangerous areas with written transmission and responses received via the radio keypad.
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