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Integrated Life-of-Mine Technology for Planning, Operations, and Safety

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Precision, accuracy, and safety are essential aspects of the mining industry. To gain an edge over competitors, mines must integrate, automate, and optimise their critical workflows. Now more than ever, the industry must cut costs while improving safety.

Hexagon Mining solves these challenges with proven technologies for planning, operations, and safety.

The company brings fleet management , surveying, production optimisation, design, and collision avoidance together in a life-of-mine solution that connects people and processes. Customers are safer, more productive, and can make sense of their data.

Planning products for geological interpretation, feasibility, modelling, and operations

Hundreds of sites and thousands of users manage their mine modelling and mine planning with Hexagon Mining's Planning Suite. Analytical, planning, and design tools help streamline open pit and underground operations worldwide.

Clients use HxGN MineSight for exploration, through geological interpretation, feasibility, mine planning, and mine operations management. Data visualisation provides the big picture needed to build accurate models and increases your speed to dig. HxGN MineSight provides tools for geologic modelling and interpolation. It offers complete functionality for building and managing 3D block, stratigraphic, and surface models.

HxGN MineSight's simple cut design and pit design options for both geometric and economic pits allow for complete surface manipulation. Design tools are available for blast pattern, end-of-period maps, economic and ultimate pit shells, life-of-mine scheduling, and more.

Cut design and reserve calculations combine with scheduling, optimisation, equipment planning, and haulage tools for a complete short-term planning solution. Generate practical short / medium-term schedules by determining the most productive cut sequence for highest project profitability. Long-term schedule optimisation tools guide client planning, with options to adjust and modify.

The Planning Suite is available for drill and blast design, grade control, and data reconciliation. Drill and blast utilities provide quick attribution and reporting of blast hole data. Clients can save money by quickly viewing and editing blast area-of-effects.

Operations products for fleet management, high-precision machine guidance

Hexagon Mining's Operations Suite is a state-of-the-art mine management solution designed to increase and improve efficiency across clients' mines. The system has been deployed all over the world by some of the biggest companies in the mining industry, who trust and rely on Hexagon Mining products for the accuracy and reliability that they deliver.

Whether at the surface or below it, the Operations Suite can deliver immediate relief for companies facing tough times from rising capital expenditure and operating costs. Hexagon Mining is a provider of fleet management and optimization expertise for open pit, via business intelligence, high-precision machine guidance, and business analytics.

The scalability and customisation potential of the Operations Suite means it is original equipment manufacturer (OEM) independent and fleet management solution (FMS) agnostic. Solutions communicate with third-party products and competitor infrastructure. Whether cleints need one high-precision drill, or an automated dispatch system for 300 trucks, the Operations Suite is a life-of-mine solution; one platform for tracking mine production planning, material movements and equipment production.

Underground, Hexagon Mining's Smartmine UG solution delivers advanced fleet and production management, personnel safety, process control, electrical devices' management, and personnel tracking in a unique 3D environment. Smartmine UG monitors all mine equipment via on-board computers and a digital communication network to produce data for analysis by optimisation and simulation algorithms.

Safety products for collision avoidance and fatigue monitoring

Hexagon Mining's Safety Suite delivers collision avoidance and fatigue monitoring systems that save lives and money. HxGN Collision Avoidance is at work in more than 25,000 vehicles, in over 50 surface mines worldwide, with a wide range of advanced traffic safety solutions.

Collisions concern all mines. Incidents can result in damaged equipment, downtime for repairs, injuries, and even death. Rules in many countries reflect these concerns, and some new legislation demands collision avoidance technology at mines.

The financial cost of collisions illustrates the potential return on investment of avoiding just
one major incident. The cost of a serious injury or fatality is more difficult to quantify. Systems to protect drivers and operators from collisions, particularly where large haul trucks and smaller personnel vehicles interact, are essential to any open pit.

Hexagon Mining technology delivers these systems and helps prevent such incidents. Solutions include collision avoidance, real-time, full-fleet tracking, and fatigue monitoring systems. These solutions protect cleanup equipment around heavy rotating machines. Sophisticated displays intuitively integrate vital safety information in cabins.

HxGN Collision Avoidance offers 360-degree protection at any speed or visibility. It's the best proven collision avoidance system in surface mining. Products are cost-effective, reduce downtime, improve productivity, and can be customised to your mine's requirements.

Monitoring products from total stations and laser scanners to georadar and UAS

Hexagon Mining offers a full suite of monitoring solutions to keep underground and surface mines continuously safe and operational. From GPS and Total Station Prism Systems (TPS) and HDS to Georadar and UAS, Hexagon Mining monitoring technology identifies hazardous events in time to take preventative measures. It also optimises mine plans with this critical information.

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