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March 2015 Top


Issue 31 | March 2015
In this issue: The price of gold mining in South America, Haiti's resource potential, a positive outlook for zinc, autonomous drilling with Sandvik, resource nationalism on the map, Spain's controversial Los Frailes mine reopening, and more.

February 2015 Top


Issue 30| February 2015
In this issue: Unlocking the potential of Canada's Ring of Fire, new prospects for tin mining in the UK, the risks and rewards of space exploration, tackling false environmental reporting in the US, Bentley's new MineCycle software applications, a recruitment outlook for the year, and more.

January 2015 Top


Issue 29| January 2015
In this issue:Incentives for explorers in Canada's Northwest Territories, Afghanistan's mining future, new power automation software from ABB, Glencore's ambitious investment strategy, the frac sand mining boom and more.

December 2014 Top


Issue 26 | December 2014
In this issue: challenges and opportunities for graphite, Vale and ABB’s mine automation project, keeping temperatures low underground with a new approach to ice cooling, mitigating Ebola risks in mining operations, and more.

November 2014 Top


Issue 26 | November 2014
In this issue: Assessing the top mining business risks, Goldcorp’s journey from lows to highs, Kazakhstan’s promising mining future, the potential of geosynthetics for mining operations, innovative mine restoration projects around the world and more.

October 2014 Top


Issue 26 | October 2014
In this issue: a positive outlook for gold, when emerging markets have emerged, the future of the DRC as a mining destination, a unique approach to mine pollution in Chile, Saudi Arabia's move into mining, the iron sand controversy in New Zealand continues, and more.

September 2014 Top


Issue 25 | September 2014
In this issue: Bolivia’s rocky road to reform, the rise of palladium, a new era of automated underground mining, London’s leading position in mining finance, innovation in mobile mining apps, the impact of gold mining in Peru and more.

August 2014 Top


Issue 24 | August 2014
In this issue: The uncertain future of silver, Sierra Leone's industry beyond the infamous diamonds, lessons learned from the Soma mine disaster, innovations in underground communications, metal-mining plants and more.

July 2014 Top


Issue 23 | July 2014
In this issue: Chile’s challenged copper industry, ex-Xstrata CEO Mick Davis bounces back with X2 Resources, Canada’s efforts to attract new workers to underground jobs, California’s ban on suction dredge mining and more.

June 2014 Top


Issue 22 | June 2014
In this issue: Mexico cracks down on illegal mining cartels, new tech for material handling, worker safety in Australia, mining litigation in Canada and more

May 2014 Top


Issue 21 | May 2014
In this issue: Using big data for better equipment maintenance, why infrastructure is becoming increasingly important to investors in East African iron ore projects, new technology to improve safety in ultra-deep mining and more

April 2014 Top


Issue 20 | April 2014
In this issue: Indonesia's export gamble, Canada's push into the rare earth metals market, LNG-fuelled engines for mining trucks, holistic conveyor belt monitoring, increasing yields from complex ores and more.

March 2014 Top


Issue 19 | March 2014
In this issue: Greenland's mining future, innovation in exploration and drilling technology, Scotland’s controversial new mine project, extracting uranium from wastewater, global recruitment trends, and more.

February 2014 Top


Issue 18 | February 2014
In this issue: Corporate social responsibility in junior mining companies, the market for barite, drilling innovation for Australia, the benefits of geographic information systems, the controversy of mountaintop removal mining in Central Appalachia, and more.

January 2014 Top


Issue 17 | January 2014
In this issue: Australia’s unexplored reserves, how Kenya is kick-starting its nascent mining industry, investor prospects in Myanmar, trends in green mining technology, the race for bauxite, and more

December 2013 Top


Issue 16 | December 2013
In this issue: Mitigating risks in mining, South Africa’s strategic move, a new portable power solution for mines, the importance of rail infrastructure for effective mining operations, the future of Zimbabwe’s industry, the controversy surrounding ironsand mining in South Taranaki, and more

November 2013 Top


Issue 15 | November 2013
In this issue: The driving forces behind Europe’s mining revival, the MINE Awards 2013, how a new approach to blast design could help improve rock blasting techniques, a collaborative effort for skills development in Canada, new ideas for post-mining land rehabilitation, the world’s deepest open-pit mines, and more

October 2013 Top


Issue 14 | October 2013
In this issue: What Mexico’s policy reforms will mean for the mining industry, the economic impact of gold, how the break-up of the world’s largest potash mining cartel will affect the market, a new technology that claims to revolutionise the production of sought-after metals, how Caterpillar tackles the element of human error with a fatigue monitoring system for vehicles, and more

September 2013Top


Issue 13 | September 2013
In this issue: How new underground technology is helping companies maximise efficiency, the potential treasures hidden in small fault lines, how predictable maintenance can reduce downtime of critical equipment, what the industry is doing to make water management more sustainable, new insights about post-mining restoration in the Amazon, and more.

August 2013Top


Issue 12 | August 2013
In this issue: Which changes are needed to turn Africa's commodity wealth into economic growth, the future of uranium mining in Western Australia, new technologies to make mining more environmentally friendly, the world's largest haul truck, women in the mining industry talk about progress in closing the gender gap, and more.

July 2013Top


Issue 11 | July 2013
In this issue: An unusual initiative in Australia aims to boost miners' awareness of health and safety, a new slope failure modelling technology could help predict landslides, why the Upper Big Branch investigation raises questions for regulators attempting to prevent future disasters, a new funding model brings crowdfunding to the mining industry, how plummeting gold prices could affect the industry, and more

June 2013Top


Issue 10 | June 2013
In this issue: Data management tools for mining operations, M&A trends in 2013, the challenges emerging from Latin America's mining boom, a new licensing regime for seabed mining, and more.

May 2013Top


Issue 9 | May 2013
In this issue: Automated technologies for materials handling, the race for resources in outer space, why demand is rising for mine security, how a lack of regulation could affect the silica sand mining boom in the US, the challenges of assessing environmental impact of mining operations in fragile ecosystems, and more.

April 2013Top


Issue 8 | April 2013
In this issue: Making OTR tyres last longer, a new system for automated mineshaft inspection, ups and downs in commodities, what new, stricter regulations could mean for the mining boom in Mongolia, the long-term effects of the mining ban in Goa, and more

March 2013Top


Issue 7 | March 2013
In this issue: Innovative drilling technology for South Africa's gold mines, forecasts for gold and silver, the race for rare earth metals, Australia's flawed mining tax, Greece's troubled new gold mine project, and more

February 2013Top


Issue 6 | February 2013
In this issue: Reducing the impact of mining on the environment and local communities, specialist drilling in remote locations, risks faced by producers operating in South Africa, gender equality in the mining industry, and more.

January 2013Top


Issue 5 | January 2013
In this issue: Mine-mapping in challenging terrain with unmanned aerial vehicles, the mining industry's digital revolution, cloud computing solutions, the dangerous work of Mongolian gold miners, mine project updates, and more.

November 2012Top


Issue 4| November 2012
In this issue: The most advanced sampling tools | Mineral-munching microbes mine metals | Opening up Latin America | Why good management practices are key to safety | Australia's top copper deals and projects | Global recruitment trends…and more!

September 2012Top


Issue 3| September 2012
In this issue: The world's most exciting untapped deposits, new technologies for extracting coal, Planetary Resources' ambitious quest to mine asteroids, and much more.

July 2012 Top


Issue 2 | July 2012
In this issue: The industry's best safety technology, a world-first mobile gas lab, post-accident wireless communication, minerals of the future, soil restoration, and more.

May 2012 Top


Issue 1 | May 2012
In this issue: The ultimate mining machinery, breakthroughs in autonomous systems, the vast resources of the BRICS countries and Mongolia, Australia's skills shortage, and more.